Amd ryzen embedded v2000: mini pcs with zen-2-october and ecc ram come

AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000: Mini PCs with Zen-2-October and ECC RAM come

AMD has introduced the processor series ryzen embedded V2000 with codenamen gray hawk, which now declines the now 2.5 year old ryzen embedded V1000 CPU. Thus, a change from zen (1) with globalfoundries’ 14 nanometer technology on zen 2 with TSMCS 7-NM structures can be accompanied. A doubling of the CPU cores, new architecture and high-stroke VEGA graphics units promise a significant performance jump.

The ryzen embedded V2000 acknowledge the notebook combi processors ryzen 4000u / h (renoir) and were allowed to use the same silicon. At the embedded CPUM, however, AMD jerks the industry in focus, including with memory guard and ECC error correction and secure boot. In addition, AMD promises a ten-year availability for long-term partnerships.

Manufacturers set appropriate processors, for example, in gaming machines, on video products (digital signage) and generally in embedded systems. The process of ryzen embedded V1000, however, also comes in mini-pcs such as the asrock 4×4 box v1000m, the E.E.P.D. EM pro mini and on the mainboard UDOO bolt used.


Bacteria as living hard disks

Synthetic biologists store analog information in the genome of cells

Programmable cells perform logical operations, but their results can usually only be stored as digital data. Researchers have now found a way to store analog information – information about the strength or duration of an environmental stimulus, for example. Targeted mutations in the genome preserve the information over long periods of time. This means that all the basic capabilities of a computer can now be reproduced in living cells.

The core function of a computer is based on the input, processing and output of data. Biologists have long been able to reproduce these processes in living cells: synthetic circuits have mastered almost all logical operations necessary for data processing. But computers also need a powerful memory to develop their full potential. However, synthetic biologists have not yet found a satisfactory solution for this function.


More organic fuels: vw and daimler participate in choren

Volkswagen and daimler participate as a minority shareholder at freiberger choren industries gmbh. The corresponding contract were signed today in freiberg. The main objective of the commitment of the two companies is the broad market import of the climate-friendly synthetic biofuels BTL (biomass to liquid), ie fuels made, for example, made of wood, straw or biowaste.

Choren currently builds the world’s first commercially operated BTL plant in the industrial scale at the freiberg site. She is scheduled for early 2008 about 15.Produce 000 tonnes of fuel. This can, for example, the annual requirements of up to 15.000 cars are covered. Choren also plans to establish a first reference system in germany, a so-called sigma-1 plant with a production capacity of 200.000 tons of the year. A location decision here is aimed at the end of the year. The planned sigma facilities have the potential to contribute a coarse share to the realization of the climate protection objectives of the federal government. By the year 2020, with 10 to 15 BTL systems from choren up to 3 million. Save tons of CO2.

BTL is a high-purity, sulfur and aromatic-free fuel that burns pollutants and has an excellent CO2 balance sheet. BTL is obtained by biomass gasification from a wide variety of biogenic inserts and residues and is therefore hardly competing for food and feed production. For transport and storage of BTL, the existing infrastructure does not require the existing infrastructure. BTL contracts with today’s as well as the future diesel engine technology.


Ccg custom gt: german sports car with us parts

Ccg custom gt: german sports car with us parts

Monschau, 26. October 2011 – the company CCG automotive introduces a sports car with the customgt, which carries german and american influences in itself. So GM control the drive, various attachments will come from local providers. The result is a flat racer, which provides up to 740 hp.

Plastic or carbon

The base for the customgt forms a powder-coated lattice pipe frame that is made in the US and gets its fine cut in germany. The 4.36 meter aubera is either made of glass fiber-picked plastic or carbon and also comes from the USA. Through the lightweight material weighs the car depending on the equipment between 960 and 1040 kilograms.

Always with V8

In the engines CCG relies on technology from general motors. The basic version of customgt is powered by a 450 hp 6.0-liter V8. There is also a 7.0-liter V8 built on 550 hp, which comes from the corvette. The acceleration from zero to 100 km / h should be carried out by the engines in 3.5 or "less 3.3 seconds" and depends on the elected translation. Therefore, the highest speed can also vary between 285 and 320 km / h in both versions. In addition to the two suction V8, a compressor variant of the coarse motor is to be offered, which releases 740 hp to the rear ratchet. On request, the CUSTOMGT also runs with autogas. Over a manual six-speed gearbox is switched. There is a sequential transmission against a price.


Image generation algorithms: manner wearing, women bikinis

Image generation algorithms: manner wearing, women bikinis

Even algorithms for automatic generation of photos are not free of human prejudice or stereotypes. Before that, the US researchers ryan steed and aylin caliskan warn after an analysis of the two most important of these models, which are present at present for image detection. Both IGPT and SIMCLRV2 learn unattended to create photorealistic images, based on unlabeled data. Even if this recognized source of prejudices was eliminated, they reproduced, among other things, sexist prejudices, writing the researchers.

Completion pictures from parts

Igpt is an algorithm of the research laboratory openai from san francisco. This is especially known for its ki technology to generate texts, it is also based on igpt, just specialized in photos. From pixel sequences of an image part, the software can shut up on the rest of an image and impressed the experts in the past year. SIMCLRV2 works similarly and was developed on google. Both learning unattended with the most popular image database for deep learning, image. Researchers had already pointed out problems with the labels in this database, but the difficulties are apparently deeper.

As the two researchers have identified, both algorithms have taken over without the metadata stereotypical categorizations. For example, photos of manners and those were related to each other, when the case is the case in women. But the problem becomes particularly clear but in the source of completion. So portrays of women’s faces in more than 50 percent of the experiments were supplemented by body with large breasts in bathtugs or with deep-cut shells. Manual faces were so sexualized oberkorper only spending less than 10 percent of the trap. Instead, they often had a suit or professional-specific clothing. The two researchers have tested that, among other things, to a photo of the US politician alexandria ocasio-cortez, which strongly moved results from criticism but from work, not to participate in sexualization.


Erlzonig: new mercedes cls

Erlzonig: new mercedes cls

Munchen, 19. February 2010 – there is hardly a marketplace in which does not already have a car. Mercedes found a for 2004 "fourth coupes" – and the CLS was born. Now the second generation turns last test rounds, new emergency images reveal now more details.

More character

Despite camouflage, it is easy to see that the next CLS puts on a particularly highlighted kuhlerbill, as designchef gordon wagener has already introduced the SLS AMG. The boiler mask is limited by two light edges that continue in the hood. Recognizable is already the shape of the headlights that no longer appear L-form, but become clearly angular. Is still open whether there is also the LED daytime running lights or it hikes as in the emotional in the stobfang. Little was changed at the sideline, this does not rise as much as ever. Very new is the shape and position of the outdoor mirrors. At the rear fall on that the rear part is shaped inherent in the direction of the step. So far, the C-saule and the luggage tree formed a rather centrifugal line. Completely mandated are the jerk lights: they offer a true-on-aetable optics including LED technology.

Premiere in autumn 2010

Technically, the new CLS is based on the current E-class platform, so that you can ame that the assistance systems known from the sedan can also be used in the new CLS. When driving is expected that it remains with the known six-cylinders whose thirst "bluefficiency"-matches is made. Is still open whether with the generation change of the 250 CGI with 204 hp and "only" four cylinders replaced the previous entry-level model CLS 300 with 231 hp. Whether the 4matic all-wheel system will find the way to the price list remains open to the CLS premiere, which was allowed to climb on the paris car salon in autumn 2010.


One last time kerosingeuche – berlin will take airport tegel

One last time Kerosingeuche - Berlin will take airport Tegel

60 years after the first scheduled flight is the berlin airport tegel history. Hundreds of employees and berlin passed on sunday the last planned flight. A special machine of air france lifted to paris. In the evening she should return – to the new capital airport BER on the outskirts in the brandenburg schreastfeld. He was opened a week ago. In tegel, the kerosinger is gone.

A chapter finished

"A chapter berlin history is completed", said the ruling burger master michael muller (SPD). He was well acquainted with the research and business park as well as thousands of apartments planned on the sinking near the city center, but "it’s a day, there is nothing around to talk around where many the heart is bleeding."

In the airplane of the air france the mood was correspondingly emotional. When the machine turned an honorary round to the airport before the start, hundreds of people waved to the fence in front of the airport. In the plane was swept back. "Ladies and gentlemen, with this last start we finish a chapter 60 years european airport history", said capitan christophe ruch was still on the runway. "Add it." under cheers and applaus, the machine accelerated. Also after the landing in paris on the later afternoon, extensively clapped.


A little bit

A little bit

Stuttgart, 16. December 2013 – the C-class in your usual form since 2007 is being added. 100 kilos more lighter, still aerodynamic and equipped with new engines, it should be up to 20 percent more economical. Assistance systems and landing gear technology with many bonds at the S-class significantly beyond that in the wider segment. The C-class prints this close to the top class pretty self-confident in its new design language. Gross will also: opposite the process of just under ten centimeters long, it now measures 4.69 meters, in width it takes four centimeters to. The spatial gain benefits mainly the fund passengers, the trunk volume remains equal with 480 liters. It introduces you on the detroit motor show (18. To 26. January).

With touchpad and steering wheel election lever

As before, the star praises either on the hood or in the grill. In addition to the basic version, however, three instead of two "lines" offered, the version with star on the hood is no longer elegance, but exclusive. The star in the grill have the basic version, the avantgarde line and the amg line offered for the first time, the AMG sports package now occurs. Inside, as with the A-class there is a tablet-like display in the center of the vehicle. However, it is gross and measures seven, with the operating system comand online 8.4 inches. On the center console there is a rotary wheel for the operation of the multimedia system as well – and that is new – a touchpad. Hereby you can direct the action on the display via a finger gesture, also letters and numbers can be entered. The election lever of the automatic versions is, as now on all mercedes models, the AMG variant, to the steering wheel. For the two traditional with a display in between, a head-up display is consulted for the first time.

Lightweight construction and windsholdness

In the body, the aluminum content rose to the flower of less than 10 percent to almost 50 percent. From the light material, for example, the treatments, the bonnet and the roof. This reduces the total weight of the vehicle by about 100 kilograms, and despite the increased aubes. There is also an improved aerodynamics. With a CW value of 0.24 for the C 220 bluetec ECO, according to mercedes, the new C-class sets a new best value in the middle class – BMW for the 3 series a CW value of 0.29.


Saar university develops self-sufficient electricity filling station

Saar university develops self-sufficient electricity filling station

In the saarbruck district of burbach, a special filling station for e-cars is being built at kurze. The pilot plant, which is being built under the auspices of saarland university, will focus on two approaches: it will supply purely renewable electricity and operate completely self-sufficiently. The test plant is about the size of a stand and will be installed in a container with solar cells on the roof. "Inside is an electrochemical battery that temporarily stores solar energy and acts as a charging station with two sockets for electric vehicles", says chemist harald natter from the department of physical chemistry, who is leading the saar university research group in the project "opticharge" .

The electrochemical storage system consists of a vanadium redox battery. Such batteries are already being used to store wind and hydroelectric power. However, the application as a charging station for electric vehicles is new. Natter: "the technology behind it is highly complex." therefore, the cooperation partners have also distributed the tasks. The technical university of kaiserslautern, for example, is responsible for the charge management system. It is developing software that will control the work of the battery. Incoming weather data will also be taken into account to ensure optimal utilization of the solar energy. The entire system will be controlled by a central computer that will receive data from the charging station via a mobile phone line.


Small all-wheeller: on the way in suzuki swift 4×4

Small all-wheeller: on the way in suzuki swift 4x4

Hopf garden (tyrol / austria), 21. January 2011 – so we have not introduced ourselves to the much cited climate change: the year 2010 brought snow-capped straws to the marz, and instead of mild-rainy christmas days, mrs. Holle made in december for the next chaos on the strain. These unloads also have one who said so far, two driven raders at the car are enough to rethink rethink. But a SUV does not fit in every parcel and right not to any purse. As one of the few all-wheel drive small cars on the market the suzuki swift 1 could.2 4 × 4 conquer an interesting marketplace. We were traveling with the japanese in the kitzbuhler alpen.

Only a few competitors

The offer of the competition falls surgically, as SUBARU offers justy in this country now only as a front drive. Stay the fiat panda 4 × 4, the daihatsu sirion 4WD – and the swift 4 × 4. Since september 2010, the fourth, optically only carefully changed generation of the small car on the market. The now-shifted four-wheeled version relies on a relatively simple, compared to the process hardly changed 4 × 4 technology. This does not require much space, no elaborate electronics and is – important for a small car – relatively cost-minded: front and rear axles are connected by a viscod coupling, which leads part of the moments to the hindrades at slippage on the front raders and suzuki is also the task of a center differential ames.

No sweeping raders

On a wet asphalt already shows the good traction of the allrad SWIFT. Through sweeping raders are not too scary for heavy acceleration. Also on snow, the 4 × 4 version of wacker suggests, she remains properly in the track in bends and forced gradients easily. The hard conveyor forms a icy route, which is mirror-smooth due to additional rain and thaw water. The ride up the slope goes up still soverhand. But on the ground, the then uncontrollable vehicle comes into curves again and again into slides – and the bache bed next to the strain a different time. Even four-wheel drive, ABS and ESP can not just despise every situation.