Carsharing is more expensive: drivenow and car2go enhance prices

The two car sharing providers drivenow and car2go raise prices in the early year. Both ground this step with increased costs for the maintenance of the vehicle fleet. In particular, gasoline prices, insurance and parked goods have risen sharply in recent years. This must now pass on the users, bothered it at both.

Prices are significantly increasing. At car2go attacks the increase from the 1. April. Then, registration, the emotion for an hour and parking more expensive. The most clearly rises the daily rental: instead of 39 then 59 euros fall. In return, then 50 instead of 20 kilometers inclusive, every other costs 29 cents. The changes have compiled car2go here.

Even at drivenow, it becomes pleasurably more expensive, which the company already got to traces. In the blog, many users and interested parties turned their displeasure. Drivenow has from the 15. Marz two different tariffs in the program. In the flexi tariff, a car costs at least 29 cents per minute, BMW X1 and mini cabriolet even 34 cents. In the savings tariff, the customer bays fixed time packages per month. The offer is 60, 125, 240 and 500 minutes per month. 60 minutes cost 16 euros, which gives a price of just under 27 cents per minute. Bay the customer 500 minutes, costs him the 120 euros, thus converted 24 cents per minute. Unused minutes expire, each additional will be charged with 29 cents. Regardless of the chosen tariff will be from 201. Kilometers raised an additional postponement of 29 cents per kilometer, which of course the disadvantaged, which have booked 240 or 500 minutes. You can drive long, but not more.


Google migrates oracle financial software to sap

Google migrates Oracle financial software to SAP

The google parent company alphabet relocates its internal financial operations of oracle to SAP software. After the defeat of the supreme US court of justice, this message was allowed to present another low speed for the financial software specialists. Because he competes with google also on other fronts. Both google cloud and oracle try to engraving its respective share of the cloud computing market by addressing corporate customers – especially those who need hybrid and multi-cloud services.

As the US news channel CNBC reported, oracle refused to certify his database software for the google cloud, which complicated google’s offer for customers who wanted to host oracle databases in the cloud.

Painful loss for oracle

With google as coarse customers oracle loses one of those techriesen, which was particularly important for the corporate strategy. Oracle-mitbegrunder and CTO larry ellison had not prouded that particularly gross companies were changed from german competitors SAP to oracle-cloud applications. During oracles telephone conference on the third quarter paid ellison’s dozens of companies and horded up, who have switched from SAP ERP to fusion ERP.


Git 2.27 neighances back: age transport protocol is standard again

Git 2.27 is backdropping: age transport protocol is standard again

The version management system GIT is in version 2.27 appeared and brings and brings some coquent innovations with consequences to the exhibition compatibility and a return to the previous transport protocol, which only in the transaction version 2.26 by transport protocol 2 was replaced as standard.

Backgrupation to the old transport protocol

According to release notes, the new default setting is again the process log, which until git 2.25 served as standard. Version 2 of the transport protocol presented the GIT team in may 2018 and in version 2.18 introduced. Apparently, the new protocol did not ran around yet, the GIT team has probably decided for the jerk classification.


From this version of GIT, the git describe command automatically outputs the long version of the code, where developers had to specify explicitly –long so far. If git describe C detects that a signed or commented day refers to the COMMIT C and thereby eliminates the tag name T in the object, the command should now output T as an answer. This is the case, according to release notes, if developers rename the appropriate day or move from the original position in the refs / tags / hierarchy: git describe C should then continue to output T.


Nissan and nec before the series production of li-ion batteries

Nissan and nec before the series production of li-ion batteries

Hannover, 19. May 2008 – the japanese corporations NEC and NISSAN engine want to take the series production of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries for motor vehicles from the coming year. The joint venture, which was rounded two years ago two years ago, automotive energy supply corporation (AESC) has now taken operation, the companies participated today.

74 million euros investment volume

In the next three years, the joint venture wants to invest 12 billion yen (74 million euros). The AESC, which is located at the NISSAN plant in the japanese prize kanagawa, focuses on development and mass production of li-ion batteries for use in different vehicle types – the range of applications ranges from the pure electric car via hybrid vehicles with a combination of electrical and internal combustion engine up to fuel cells vehicles.

Start with forklifts

In 2009, the joint venture initially wants to record the production of li-ion batteries for forklifts, the year later, AESC is intended to supply the li-ion batteries for a hybrid and electric car from nissan – both models should first be in the US and in japan be offered. That in the first year to 13.000 units designed production should be set to 65.000 stucco upgraded. A strong increase in demand for li-ion batteries expects nissan from 2012. Then the japanese car maker who intertwined with the french renault group via mutual share shares wants to develop electric vehicles into a mass product.


Daimler wants to use co2 as a cold device from 2017

Daimler wants to install air conditioning systems with carbon dioxide in all new cars from 2017 instead of the controversial R1234YF instead of the controversial R1234YF. The statey mercedes developing manager stefan geyer said the VDI messages.

Precedained this decision was a long dispute because daimler has found out in internal crash tests that the currently prescribed substance can be firefire and harmful to the accident. Then it had been decided in stuttgart to continue the previous means.

On thursday, the federal corporation office (KBA) had found in a final report on its own cold assets that the fire hazard of R1234YF is high as the procedure substance R134A. Daimler can still use the old cold device because the group was a german type-approval in june to obtain a german type-approval. At the latest from the end of 2016, daimler will have to replace the old cold device but.


American special envoy to ukraine resigns after being named in telephone ad

American ukraine special envoy resigns after being named in phone ad

Secretary of state mike pompeo to submit documents to house of representatives that democrats hope will provide material for impeachment proceedings.

Kurt volker, the U.S. Special representative for the ukraine conflict, still appointed by rex tillerson, has resigned from this position. The background to this move is believed to be the mention of his name in an anonymous ad published thursday accusing U.S. President donald trump of putting prere on ukrainian president volodymyr selenskyj to investigate a possible corruption case that could also involve the son of democratic presidential aspirant joseph biden (cf. "Completely underwhelming" horn legends).

In this ad, the US special envoy to ukraine, who was appointed under george W. Bush, who rose to become ambassador to NATO, accused the former CIA man of consulting with members of the ukrainian leadership about how trump’s suggestion could be "control" dear. He has not yet spoken out on this accusation. This is what he is supposed to say next week in the house of representatives, which asked him to attend a hearing together with four other auben ministry employees.


Market versus social contractuality?

Market versus social contract?

The position of housing cooperatives in the dispute over rent regulation

After months of dispute, the berlin house of representatives has passed the "law on the revision of legal provisions on rent control" passed. The so-called rent cap comes into force on 23. February in force.

The principle of the rent cap is contentious. On the one hand, there is the demand for social contractibility, which does not want to rely on a price mechanism that does not seem to produce a sustainable housing supply for many people. On the other hand, there is the free market approach, which, in the case of intervention in its mechanisms, predicts a situation in which everyone will be worse off.


New transceiver from nxp saves power in the can network

The semiconductor manufacturer NXP has introduced a transceiver, which one "intelligent control" allows many vehicle functions and thus make a contribution to saving fuel. "Whether radio, seat adjustment or windows, all these functions are networked in driving operation and usually permanently active", said kurt sievers, member of the NXP guide, in the presentation of the chip on thursday.

The CAN transceiver TJA1145 allows individual functions such as those of windows, seat adjustment or sunroof to address individually. That was different: if only a control unit woke up in the CAN network, it also had all the others, even if they had nothing to do. Especially in vehicles with many transceivers – especially in high vehicle classes – the current and thus also the fuel consumption increases. According to NXP, with the new transceivers, a consumption reduction by up to three percent is possible.

According to NXP, the TJA1145 is the first product corresponding to ISO 11898-6 (high-speed medium access unit with selective wake-up functionality), which defines a subnet operation of control devices in the CAN bus system. According to NXP, the chip should be used in some german vehicles of the next generation.


Data protection officer wants plaque instead of scanning

Data protection officer wants plaque instead of scanning

The federal data protection officer ulrich kelber has hibernated concerns about the plan for the automatic control of diesel driving bans through license plate. "As a matter of principle, I consider the relevance of the planned maaking for very doubtful," said kelber the handelsblatt (17. January 2019). "Less stressful maws such as a blue badge appear privately deliberately from a data protection point of view."

The main supplies of the city and municipal office, gerd landsberg, on the other hand supported the current proposal, sampled automatically to capture license plates. This konne "be a suitable procedure to implement the controls quickly, efficiently and uncreatically," he said to the handelsblatt. On the other hand, a blue plaque rejects, as it causes only "overflow burial".

After massive criticism of the planning for automatic control, the federal government had already improved during privacy. In a cabinet resolution, it was examined that these are random checks and the data should be laid at least two weeks after their survey. The federal council previously uploved "significant data protection concerns" against the planned automated license plate-involved.


The internet is not an onion

Researchers have analyzed data on the structure of the internet – with the conclusion that there is no suitable comparison from the real world for the network structure

In the past, the structure of the internet could be compared to that of an onion: at the core there were the tier 1 providers, who owned the international backbones. Above them were all the other layers, from the regional provider to the end user. The orange has also been used as a comparison – because of its segment structure. And the association to equate one of the typical internet structural graphs with a portion of spaghetti is not far away either.

All these ideas, however, do not have much to do with reality, say israeli researchers (after publishing preliminary results a year ago in the current ie of the proceedings of the U.S. Academy of sciences (PNAS)).