Attackers were able to push firefox and gate browser shadcode add-ons

Attackers were able to push firefox and gate browser shadcode add-ons

Firefox, firefox ESR and the anonymous gate browser are vulnerable. Under certain conditions, attackers were able to export carcasses on computers. Overall, the degree of threat is considered "high".

In firefox 80 for all operating systems, mozilla has closed a total of ten security. The vulnerability as the most dangerous vulnerability (CVE-2020-15663) threatens unusable windows, write the developers in a post.

Dangerous files and extensions

If the browser is installed in a folder writable by uses, attackers were able to update.Exe process a praarized file that the process with admin rights exports. Since the process only accepted by mozilla signed files, attackers had to deal with this protection mechanism with a downgrade attack.


Mazda brings new edition of the microvan az wagon

Mazda brings new edition of the microvan az wagon

Tokyo (japan), 29. September 2008 – on japan’s straws a vehicle species is particularly visible to see that barely gives us: boxy microvans. They offer a lot of interior on a minimum long. Mazda now renews its offer in this category, the AZ wagon. The AZ wagon published in 1994 was based on suzuki wagon R and was set again in 2003. Now there is a new edition. The short AZ refers to the autozam brand, from the mazda-minicars fruher came out.

660 cubic engine

The wheelbase of the new AZ wagon has become gross, but accurate information on the mains does not make mazda. The outside of the AZ wagon was redesigned. The interior should now provide more comfort. There are a silver-colored center console and gray seats. The versions XF, XG and XS have a 660 cubic petrol engine with variable valve control (VVT) whose performance is not specified. One has the choice between a four-speed automatic and a funfgang circuit. The XG and XS also exists with front – also with four-wheel drive. This also provides for the version XT, which is consecutively with stepless CVT transmission and is powered by a 660 cubic turboenziner. For the equipment XT and XS is a motor start button series. Safety serve an ABS, an electronic brake force distribution as well as a brake assistant.

High quality equipment custom style

Auber these variants there are still the equipment custom style. It has a black-glossing center console, a leather steering wheel and depending on the version still extras such as light autoclace or lacquered outdoor mirrors with integrated LED flashing lights. Here are the versions XS, XT and XT-L available. Again, the XS with a 660 cubic sucker, the two XT variants are powered by a 660 cubic turbo. The latter have a CVT gearbox with manual seven-speed mode. The prices for the AZ wagon start at 924.000 yen or converted about 6000 euros.


It industry: virtual events will overhear corona

IT Industry: Virtual Events will overhear Corona

Fairs and conferences are important for many german IT companies for sales and marketing. During the coronavirus pandemic, numerous coarse events were canceled and partly replaced by purely digital or hybrid alternatives. These new formats were also able to gain importance beyond the pandemic. This is from a current survey of the industry association BITKOM under 165 ITC companies.

Apart from coarse measurements such as the CES in las vegas, the MWC barcelona or the IFA berlin, there are numerous smaller, partly very industry-specific events for ITK companies and their customers. While the experiences of the IFA 2020 show that gross fairs are difficult to digitally reflect, smaller specialist events such as the fiberweek of the federal association of broadband communication (breko) will also find their audience online. At the beginning of december, the web summit also tries as a large european tech conference with a digital output.

"Great importance"

According to the BITKOM survey, such virtual or hybrid events have 70 percent of the german ITK companies "a gross or very grave meaning". Knapped the half of the surveyed companies have used digital or hybrid measurements for the first time this year, a fiveft makes that long. On the other hand, the companies expect that the importance of pure prease events will decrease. Only almost 40 percent of the companies surveyed keep offline events still relevant.


Aleppo: jihadists on the advance

Aleppo: jihadists on the advance

Shelling of artillery base

With spectacular jihadist military successes, the battle for aleppo enters its decisive phase

Syrian jihadism seems to be on the verge of its roughest triumph yet. After several days of bitter fighting in the south of the former syrian economic capital of aleppo, the islamist militias, who want to blast the siege ring of regime forces around the eastern part of the city to the letter with a major offensive, have achieved a decisive breakthrough.


Microsoft: xbox game pass ultimate now with cloud gaming

Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now with Cloud Gaming

Microsoft’s cloud gaming "xcloud" is now part of the game pass ultimate. Subscribers to the game subscription can now stream 172 video games from microsoft servers to your android mobile device. Prerequisite is an android device with OS version 6 next to the subscription.0 or later.

As "xcloud" microsoft had offered his cloud gaming service for a long time as a beta test – as separate service. Now "xcloud" plangemab in microsoft’s game subscription game pass ultimate integrated. A possibility to book microsoft’s cloud gaming individually is currently not offered.

Cloud at no extra charge

To the games that can be played with xbox game pass ultimate on android phones, and for example "grounded", "hollow knight" and "the witcher 3". A complete overview of cloud games gives microsoft in his blog.


Data leaks at modern solution: safety challenge affects around 700.000 buyer

Data leaks at Modern Solution: Safety Challenge affects around 700,000 builders

Companies such as kaufland, otto, check24 and idealo provide smaller workers an online marketplace where you can offer your goods. The data of the end customers of these handlers have not been sufficiently protected by a service provider. Name, address, account details and more information from around 700.000 people have been disclosed so.

The problem was at the access to the marketplace, as the mirrors reported. The service provider offers the corresponding interfaces for the connection, in this case modern solutions. Sellers and service providers are responsible for the settlement and thus the customer data. The marketplaces themselves are no contractual partners of the buyer.

Much insight for customer data, less at the company

Now an IT specialist on behalf of a single handler is to look at a technical problem and have discovered the safety chucks. Accordingly, modern solutions offers its customers, ie the retailers, direct access to the servers and the databases stored there. In addition, in the software, which must have all customers installed with themselves, "easily readable access data to this server" be, the equal mammals for all. Say: every customer was able to see the databases of all customers.


Accomplice of pablo escobar to testify in germany about political murder

Accomplice of pablo escobar to testify in germany on political assassination

Aircraft wreckage (presumably drug transport plane) off the island of norman’s cay, which belonged to carlos lehder, and was used as a headquarters for drug smuggling by the colombian medellin cartel. Photo: mike scalora.5

Link to assassination of justice minister in colombia in 1984? Carlos lehder was extradited from U.S. Custody to germany in june

In mid-july, former colombian drug trafficker carlos lehder rivas was extradited from the U.S. To germany – apparently to escape new criminal trials in colombia.


Internet censorship: iranian law meets massive protest

Internet censorship: Iranian law meets massive protest

A law in the iranian parliament for even more internet tensure has drawn in the country and also in the vehicle level an unprecedented protest wave. "This law splits society like a chopper", twittered cultural minister abbas salehi on wednesday. The actually FURS internet state-based communications ministry also responded to the parliamentary decision. "The new law is irrational, illegitimate and ultimately sentenced to failure … Therefore, all vehement are synonymous", so vizeminister amir nasemi. In the social media, since wednesday morning, an unprecedented protest wave has never been against parliament.

Background of protests is a new internet law that could prevail the hardliners in parliament after a long time. 121 the members present in 209 voted on wednesday for the new law, but they did not want to debate because of the many ies. The details are to be finalized in a technical committee and then according to the pursuit of the so-called waxier council to be forwarded to the final confirmation. Observers, however, believe that the newly elected prasident ebrahim raisi after the swearing on 5. August his veto against the law.

State control of the internet

Officially, the law is about the supervision and a nationalization of the internet – so the creation of iranian alternatives to popular online services. Critics burrowed, however, that many platforms are paralyzed. In addition, according to the law, all internet users are to be registered and translating VPN apps with which iranians are forbidden via data tunnel access to unauthorized websites.


Grunen faction leader: “tolls for foreigners without a chance”

Anton hofreiter, head of the grunen parliamentary group in the bundestag, gives the coalition project of a car toll for foreigners no chance. "It will fail because of a mixture of problems: legal problems, promises made by the chancellor (angela merkel), and ultimately technical problems," he said on wednesday on the ARD morning show. "You have to realize: there is no toll for foreigners anywhere in europe. This is also understandable, because you only collect a small percentage of people in the end."

The collection costs are nevertheless for the entire highway network fallig. "Therefore, it is highly likely that the expenses will be higher than the revenues," hofreiter said. Offsetting the planned revenue per passenger car of 100 euros by offsetting the motor vehicle tax is not possible, he said, because owners of environmentally friendly vehicles in particular pay only 20 euros in some cases.

Federal transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU) is counting on the legislative process in the coming year for implementation – the coalition agreement between the CDU/CSU and SPD merely provides the framework for the political project. The suddeutsche zeitung had reported that the ministry of transport did not yet have any concrete plans for the implementation of a toll. Ramsauer stressed, however, that the figure of 800 million euros in net annual revenue from the car toll was "realistically calculated and has been checked countless times". CSU leader horst seehofer also stressed on wednesday that he was "quite certain" that the car toll for foreigners would become reality. Asked about a failure, the bavarian premier said: "I am not concerned with such a scenario at all."


May cabinet agrees on goods free trade brexit

May cabinet agrees on goods free trade brexit

Theresa may. Photo: EU2017EE estonian presidency. License: CC BY 2.0.

Acceptance in brussel open

Yesterday, british media speculated that there could be resignations in theresa may’s cabinet – and that possibly even the prime minister herself might resign. The background was a closed-door meeting at may’s country residence chequers, where her 26 ministers met without cell phones to agree on a unified position regarding the modalities of the british exit from the EU.