Hyperexhibitionism and hyperadaptation

Are casting shows and myspace related phanomena??

The fourth season "germany searches for the superstar" (DSDS) came to an end on saturday – and the show still had good ratings, even though after consistently unsuccessful "winners" that by now even the last fool has realized that you can’t win a superstar with these casting shows "superstar" becomes. So why is there still a demand for this format – not only for viewers, but also for candidates??

Potential DSDS successor format: the animal documentary "who will be queen bee?" photo: los alamos national laboratory


Homepod does not pay played songs

Users of homepod and homepod mini, which also use apple music reports of an annoying mistake, which has apparently already consists for years: songs that you can play on the smartspeakers with the help of language assistant siri ("siri, game…"), obviously not in the playback statistics – at least not for the user comprehensible.

Payer is not high

This leads to the same multiple problems. On the one hand, the HOMPOD and HOMEPOD mini-horted tracks are not entered in apple’s popular replay list, with which one can often call back title of a year – and the reproductions ("play") can not be seen in the music app on the mac or itunes under windows. On the other hand, if you consumes a lot of music at the top knit manner, the personalization of apple music, so how well the ki of the streaming service learns the music taste of the user to submit appropriate proposals to him.

There is a workaround, but he annoys

Why apple has not yet solved the bug, long and wide, among others in apple’s official support forum, remains unclear. The colleagues of 9TO5MAC have always suggested a workaround in the past week. However, you can only refer to this with good will as such: it puts on the homepod or homepod mini-playback not on siri.


The woman who could see into the future

Ada lovelace wrote the first program code

Time and again, the world has stood at important crossroads that have determined the further course of history: be it columbus’ discovery of mainland on 12. October 1492, the push of the button on board the "enola gay" on 6. August 1945 – or buzz aldrin’s weightless hopping onto the earth’s satellite on july 20. July 1969. All these events led to a change in the development of mankind, the true effects of which became apparent only later.

Such a date could have been the 27th. November 1852: the anniversary of the death of ada lovelace, the first computer visionary and programmer. Lovelace. The daughter of the english poet lord byron, she was interested in natural sciences, especially mathematics and mechanics, contrary to the customs of her time.