Homepod and homepod mini do not play together

HomePod and HomePod Mini do not play together

Apple does not allow a direct connection of small and coarse homepod. The group has confirmed the apple blogger jim dalrymple. Accordingly, it is not possible to craft a cost-effective stereopaar from a (generous already existing) homepod and a (added) homepod mini. Combined"pending") only the respective series, two homepods or two homepod minis can be. Then take a homepod pair in the home app as a stereo playstation.

What is possible in the home

At the same time music about both devices (as in every house with several airpods also in different areas) you can already play – as well – as well, the new intercom feature is natural. According to dalrymple, together with the homepod mini-start, there will also be a firmware update for the old homepod. On this has been waiting for a long time, it did not come together with ios 14 on the smart speaker.

The update will then receive support for intercom, the so-called personnel update with personalized info for individual users, multi-user support for podcasts, data from apple maps (about interesting places) as well as support for external streaming services such as spotify, as soon as they have made their apps suitable.


Apple’s language assistant siri comes on external devices – over detours

With ios 15, TVOS 15 and HOMEPOD OS 15, apple third providers for the first time make the language assistant to use siri directly on their advice. The group of the group on the developer conference WWDC 2021.

Respond directly to siri

Suppliers such as ecobee create siri, so that you can choose about a thermostat of the manufacturer directly scenes or query data. Other companies that use siri directly, customer apple did not matter, but the list was not allowed to be small. The group follows with the new possibility of competitors such as amazon (alexa) or google (assistant), which have been their technique for a long time on strangers.

Apple’s implementation is specifically. This is how it works only in a home network in which already a home or homepod mini already exists (alternatively also an apple TV or an ipad as a so-called home hub). Accordingly, the external devices serve only for the (locked) transfer of commands. The request itself then takes place via the homepod. Technically problematic is not, the siri gates are always all in a home network; homekit households usually have a homepod or a home hub.


Audi: android for entertainment and infosystems

The dominant smartphone system android is on the way to the car. The car maker audi wanted to run the entertainment and information systems in its vehicles with google software, reported the wall street journal on monday. Google and audi wanted to present the cooperation coming week at the electronics fair ces in las vegas, bothered it to informed persons. Audi did not want to comment on the report so far.

The project was part of a larger movement that android wanted to establish in the car, the newspaper wrote. Another participant in this alliance is the chip specialist nvidia. Various prototypes of cockpit electronics based on android have already been seen at trade fairs such as the IAA international motor show. The major advantage for users of android devices would be direct access to services and information in their smartphones as well as familiar operation. Android dominates the smartphone market with a recent market share of around 80 percent. Google also wants to turn the software into a platform for networked building technology, for example.

Apple is also working to better integrate its iphones in the car. Since last year, the google rival has been negotiating agreements for a deeper integration of its devices and services with general motors, daimler and BMW, among others. On the one hand, this means that apple services such as the siri speaking assistant can be reached directly via the car systems. Steering wheels are given a button that activates siri. On the other hand, the car can also access services from the iphone such as apple maps, which are then shown on the vehicle’s display.


New apple bracelet: if it does not fit, the whole watch is exchanged

New Apple Bracelet: If it does not fit, the whole watch is exchanged

Care at the clock. Anyone who liked his new apple watch series 6 or apple watch se with the new bracelet of the group should definitely pay attention to the right rough. How users report, apple demands when acquired "solo loop" from silicone, which there is also in a braided variant, the exchange of the complete clock, if only the bracelet must be returned after the purchase. Both the apple watch and the bracelet have been supplied in two packages for a long time.

Better printing better

Solo loop and "braided solo loop" each consist of a single stucco – they are flexible and can be pulled over the hand. For this reason, apple has a total of different coarse – distributed over the 40- and 44 mm variants of the computer clock – on offer. So you can certainly be wrong.

It is therefore very important in the online purchase to print out the rough aid in the correct format and then first taste with the stucco paper – but there was already criticism of accuracy. Alternatively, you can also work with a mabband and see an online calculator that can be called on the respective order page.