Skills shortage at the “islamic state”

The paradise-like martyr islamists have to cope with sacred life

As long as everything goes forward and one military success follows the other, life is guaranteed for the aggressive hordes, provided that the individuals survive the battles. But then the conquered territories must be administered, the people must be able to live with the new rulers, they must profit from the subjugation, while everyday economic life must also continue.

Shortage of skilled workers at the'islamischen staat'

IS promotes the first day at the university in mosul. The only question is who should be attracted by this and by the quality of the university.

The "islamic state" has acted strategically from the beginning, trying to generate funds for its own organization by capturing territories and cities. The conquest of oil and gas fields in syria and iraq have been and continue to be primary goals, in addition to collecting taxes, selling antiquities, trading slaves and hostages.

Quite successful seems to be the "caliphate" flourish financially. Ol and gas love to sell to the assad regime, but also on the black market via the northern iraqi kurds and turkey. Even if the god’s warriors in the paradise with women, food and drink are used free of charge, they want to be supplied on the schnoden earth. The state of god is therefore based on quite material foundations.

At the moment the "islamic state" seems to have a luxury problem. Although the oil and gas fields it controls are bombed from time to time, there is apparently a lack of experts to operate them lucratively. So they are looking for "ideologically suitable" experts sought, times reports, capable of running oil and gas fields and refineries captured in syria and iraq. They should not be paid with allah’s wages or quickly become martyrs, but go about their work as managers and already receive up to 225.000 US dollars a year.

That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually not much for managers in the industry, especially when they are "islamic state" have to live in constant danger of dying in the next air raid. There IS will probably have to pay supplements, but maybe there are some "ideologically suitable" experts who want to support IS. Or else the "caliphate" becomes business-friendly and capitalist. Erdogan has demonstrated in turkey that islam and capitalism can go well together, and he has also shown that, in terms of power strategy, the IS can possibly be an ally.

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