Caution for owners of nokia cell phones!

Software preempts noise during phone calls

People are becoming more and more mendacious. And it’s not only in politics and business that good, albeit dirty, business can be done with lies and deceit. No, for some time now there have also been service offers for private life, such as this one, for example, which provides a false alibi in exchange for cash.

"Live as you like"… Is our motto. We help you where help is needed. Be it your fling, work or unpleasant appointments. Also shopping or vacation, resp. Hotel bookings are part of our product range.

But you can also take action yourself. After all, everyone knows it: the phone rings, and on the other end is an acquaintance who, unfortunately, quite rightly has a reputation for being a fearsome chatterbox. Although you actually have something else in mind, but you do not want to be unhoflich. So you rather hoard increasingly annoyed to. For such and similar telephone dilemmas, the munich-based company simeda offers a solution in the form of a software product which it has now launched under the name soundercover. And for which it advertises in best english with the motto: hide behind sound, make it your alibi, which in german means: hide behind noise, make it your alibi.

For just under 10 euros, you can get a small selection of different background noises for your nokia cell phone via the internet, such as a road alarm, which you can then fade in by pressing a button if you fall asleep during a conversation, in order to make your boss think that you are stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work. The sound is certainly very effective, which pretends to the interlocutor that one is just in a dentist’s office. And a loud machine alarm is also an argument for ending a conversation quickly.

In which cases, however, the noise of a circus parade should be used is a mystery to me. But maybe I just lack the necessary fraudulent energy. Nevertheless: lugen still have short legs, but thanks to this invention they have become a bit longer now. But so far only for people with a nokia cell phone, so it’s best not to believe anything anymore. At least on the phone.

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