“A stupid little communist”

There was a conspiracy to assassinate john F. Kennedy – and the CIA was involved – part II

The red phone, an imminent nuclear escalation, had the commission under verfangsrichter warren after the assassination of john F. Kennedy on 22. November 1963 in dallas prered to fix their investigation on confused lone perpetrators and leave out their environment and connections. "He didn’t even get the satisfaction of being murdered for burgher rights – it had to be a stupid little communist", said jackie kennedy, when she learned that they had killed a "leftist" left-wing suspect had been arrested. But whether oswald really was that stupid little communist is now open to considerable objection (even beyond the oath of CIA mata hari marita lorenz, which some doubt).

Part I 40 years after the shooting of john F. Kennedy

lee oswald, police photo after arrest

Oswald’s fractured family relationships, his sociopathic behavior, his violence against his wife – the psychogram of the perpetrator has been traced in detail by many authors, including norman mailer.

"I am the scoundrel here!", he had said at the press conference after his arrest – not exactly the statement of a fanatical political killer. But for whom did oswald give the billy goat? Only from the files transferred to the national archives since the mid-1990s, a total of 2 million pages, does it gradually emerge that lee oswald was not a blank slate for the CIA:

We can finally say with some authority that the CIA was spinning a web of substitution about oswald weeks before the presidential assassination, a fact that could have led directly to the outcome in dallas. Is it conceivable that the CIA… Felt itself transported into an unthinkable nightmare of its own production ?

John newman, who is still evaluating the files, in oswald the CIA, 1995

It is conceivable. In 1955, lee oswald joined the civil air patrol (CAP) in new orleans, a paramilitary scout troop where, in addition to soldierly drill, one could learn to push and fly. The leader of this group was none other than the pilot david ferrie, who had died under strange circumstances shortly before his testimony in the garrison trial.

Ferrie was one of those mentors of oswald who always denied their direct affiliation with the CIA, but whose entire biography undoubtedly points to intelligence activity. In ferrie’s case, this existed in the mid-1950s, very much in keeping with his personal inclinations – because of his homosexuality, he had just taken a civilian pilot job with "southern airlines" lost – in recruiting young, adventurous air cadets. He also drilled cuban exiles for the invasion in camps set up by the CIA as part of the bay of pigs operation.

Right after the kennedy assassination, when oswald’s CAP past became known, ferrie had been questioned by the FBI and had denied knowing him personally. Even in advance of his subpoena by garrison, he claimed not to have known him closely. But in fact lee oswald was one of ferrie’s "elite boys", as daniel hopsicker found out in interviews with numerous ex-members of the new orleans CAP – in his book ("barry and the boys", 2001) about another of david ferrie’s pullers who would later make history as well: barry seal and gunrunner, who was known as the "iran-contra affair" was to become known. Barry seal, who flew weapons to cuba as a teenage CAP pilot, flew in heroin from laos and vietnam weapons in the 1960s, and transported 1.5 tons of cocaine a week at his peak in the late 1970s, was never officially an employee of the CIA or any other agency – although he (like david ferrie or frank sturgis) worked for them all his life.

There was a conspiracy to assassinate kennedy, the CIA was involved and tried to cover it up

The fact that prosecutor garrison in 1967 had unsuccessfully bitten off more than he could chew in the case, but with his main witness david ferrie, who died suddenly, was exactly in the right direction – here his final statement – becomes clear at the latest 10 years later, when a super-8 film from the archives of georgestown university appears before the special committee of the parliament (HSCA).

Shot in the spring of 1963, this film shows a CIA military training camp for cuban exiles at lacombe on lake pontchartrain north of new orleans, the existence of which had until then been notoriously denied. The five people seen on the film were identified by HSCA investigating judge bob tannenbaum: they are pilot david ferrie; david atlee phillips, the head of the CIA’s mexico bureau, which spread KGB-cuba rumors after the oswald arrest; antonio veciana of the CIA-studded anti-castro force "alpha 66", around ex-FBI man, arms pusher, and anti-cuba front outfitter guy bannister, from whose bureau oswald got his "fair play for cuba"- flyers – and lee harvey oswald himself: grinning into the camera while shoving CIA agents and cuban anti-communists, before shortly afterward being called a "communist" as a communist and kennedy assassin.

Bob tannenbaum could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the film for the first time – and made a transcript and a record of the film. However, when congress blocked CIA man david atlee philipps from being cross-examined on the matter – and shortly thereafter the film disappeared from the house archives (without a trace to this day), tannenbaum resigned his position as HSCA deputy counsel.

The 1978 finding by the house select committee of assassinations that kennedy had fallen victim to a conspiracy whose backers could not be determined was a protective assertion. It was meant to conceal the fact that prosecutor garrison had been very right in looking for kennedy’s killers in circles of right-wing, CIA-backed anti-castro terrorists. The significantly disappeared (but undoubtedly documented) home video of the lacombe camp shows the conspirators, including the fake communist oswald, as if in a nutshell. Had this film been available to garrison in 1967 or shown publicly after its brief appearance prior to the HSCA push – the legend of the confused "communist" einzeltaters oswald had vanished into thin air once and for all.

The invasion of the bay of pigs had been planned and prepared by the CIA even before kennedy’s predecessor eisenhower, but the new president, when presented with the plan, pulled out. The danger that this could be interpreted as an official U.S. Invasion and lead to escalation with the soviets seemed too great to him. Pressed and placated by pointing out that only cuban exiles and no U.S. Troops were involved, kennedy eventually agreed to.

The CIA planners under allan dulles, completely misjudging the situation, amed that the invasion would cause the cuban armed forces and people to rise up against fidel castro – and that kennedy could thus be persuaded to launch a massive military intervention. But the 2.500 men who launched the bay of pigs. April 1961, were slaughtered within four days by many outnumbered and enraged castro loyalists. Captured.

When this debacle became foreseeable shortly after the launch of the invasion, CIA chief dulles and military hardliners demanded that the president provide air force air support, but kennedy refused. It was clear to everyone that JFK, and no one else, had done "la casa", the cuban thing, messed up. In addition, his brother bobby, as the new minister of justice, was after like the devil those who had rudely financed the whole operation: the mob of casino and brothel owners who wanted to get back their fleshpots in havana, nationalized by castro.

The conspiracy theory that the "mafia" kennedy had assassinated, purposefully distracted from the actual conspiracy

That the "mafia", the mob, organized crime was behind the kennedy assassination is still one of the most popular theories today, but this may have less to do with its evidentiary basis than with the fact that the many books and documentaries that support it "prove", experienced a certain demand – by CIA and FBI.

That father joseph kennedy, who had made his fortune in close cooperation with the mafia during the prohibition era, drew on these old connections to buy his son the (conceivably close) presidential election in crucial voting districts; that john F. Kennedy and his brother robert, as attorney general, then reneged on the deal and continued to fight mobster jimmy hoffa and his "teamsters"-union, as well as bosses santos trafficante (florida), carlos marcello (new orleans), and sam giancana (chicago); and that now the bay of pigs they financed was also a disaster at kennedy’s hands – this betrayal is said to have so enraged the mafia bosses that they hired three french professional killers for the job in dallas and got them out of the country immediately after the deed was done.

As far as, in all brevity, the "mob did it!"-A theory that, for all its goodness, has a crucial catch: even if organized crime is believed to be capable of a great deal, it would probably not be in a position to manipulate half a dozen investigative commissions over decades – and to make pieces of evidence disappear from the state archives. Like the film mentioned above, which reveals not only the CIA connection of oswald and his co-conspirators, but also their mob connections.

The anti-castro guerrilla training camp where lee oswald pushed with his mentor david ferrie, and whose existence the CIA and FBI had vehemently denied at the garrison trial, was located on the property of mike mclaney – a havana casino operator and "lieutenant" of mob mogul meyer-lansky, who had a hunting lodge on the same property. His brother bill mclaney ran the "carousel"-club in las vegas, and one of their closest associates, lewis mcwillie, was the best friend of the man who ran the "carousel"-club in dallas, jack ruby.

His good connections not only to the dallas police department, which he regularly supplied with information and sandwiches – police officers had free admission to ruby’s strip club – but also to the mafia, were still downplayed by the warren commission: it took confused – in ruby’s case "emotional", "patriotic" – single tater. In fact, as the HSCA committee later found, ruby had been smuggling drugs for the mob in his hometown of chicago as early as the late 1940s and also later did various illegal business in dallas – including smuggling weapons for the anti-castro guerrillas since 1959.

Club owner jack ruby

Like oswald in his first and last press conference, his murderer ruby affirmed several times "only the scoundrel" to be – and demanded to be brought to washington by the police and later by the warren commission, where he was given a full statement: he was not safe for his life in dallas. But they did not want to know so exactly. Ruby’s requests were denied – he died of cancer in prison in 1967.

The case is not closed and it is by no means only "grassy knoll"-spinners, conspiracists or extremists interested in the crime of the century. Still, declassified files from the archives are unearthing new details, providing new documents and stirring debate, such as the evidence of kennedy’s pathology findings being manipulated – or of the actual CIA connection of garrison’s main defendant, clay shaw. As recently as 2001, state-run magazines such as "the nation" or ""foreign affairs" to extend these new loans to the "paranoiac" garrison and oliver stone in excited articles – with the "unveiling", garrison was the victim of a KGB deformation launched in 1963 through the italian weekly paese sera.

The italian article, however, was not about the kennedy assassination at all, but about an international money laundering company that was involved in the coup against france’s general de gaulle and was expelled from the country. This "centro mondiale comerciale [CMC]" and its parent company "permindex" were suspected in the article of being front companies for CIA activities and clay shaw of new orleans was named as one of their directors. "Everything in the paese sera articles is lies!", so "nation"- author max holland, whose article the CIA also immediately published on its own website. When the paper refused to print a rejoinder by oliver stone, he ran it as an ad:

Two important facts from the paese sera story remain true: 1.) CMC was forced to leave italy in 1962 (for johannesburg, south africa) under a cloud of suspicion about his CIA connections 2.) clay shaw was a member of the CMC board of directors.

The CIA claims to this day that its "former" employee clay shaw resigned in 1956.

There was a conspiracy to assassinate kennedy, the CIA was involved and to this day is trying to cover it up

It seems that jacqueline kennedy’s wish for a worthy cause for her husband’s murder has come true: it was not a "silly little communist", es war,alles in allem, kennedys kampf fur die "burgerrechte", who put together the coalition of his killers and led to the assassination.

Against the intentions of his FBI boss hoover, he loved to persecute racists like the kukluxklan and enforced the end of racial segregation at schools in the south with the national guard. Against the interests of wall street and "big oil" it spoke out for social policy and "new deal" from. He increasingly disregarded recommendations from generals and advisers – and in the matter of cuba, beyond the invasion hardliners in the CIA and military, he sought the path of negotiation with castro. When news of this leaked out and at the same time the FBI, on behalf of his brother, raided the lacombe camp in july 1963, seizing a crude cache of weapons and explosives and arresting 8 cuban exiles present, the mab was full of.

The fact that those arrested were released shortly afterwards without any charges is considered by some observers to be the decisive turning point. Kennedy’s power in the state seemed to be slipping away, he was cleared for firing. And that same coalition of CIA warhorses like sturgis, ferrie and phillips, whose painstakingly built illegal weapons depot had just been seized, now sets about arranging the final plot, with various protectors – possibly contributed by the mafia – and their pet, the "communists" oswald, who was offered a "a promising" as a potential scapegoat in case something went wrong.

Provisions were made in case something went wrong, which promptly and abundantly happened when oswald, already an hour after the crime was committed, shoots a policeman – and already starts chatting at the police headquarters. Jack ruby, sam giancana’s "man in dallas" and the buddy of all policemen gets effortlessly into the guarded basement just as oswald is being taken away and shoots him in front of running TV cameras.

Lee oswald and his murderer jack ruby were chosen as scapegoats and parts of THE SAME conspiracy

jack ruby shoots oswald in front of TV camera

As long as the last documents do not come to light – and the embargo on the most sensitive ones is still another 35 years – the case is not closed, the debate is not over. The camps in the JFK assassination – "single tater"-believe here, "conspiracy"-believers there – are certain, whereby the single-factor camp with about 25% of the U.S. Population is far inferior in numbers (66% believe in a conspiracy), but has almost the entire mainstream of media and opinion leaders on its side.

That is why the theory of the single perpetrator has been able to establish itself as the official historical version in dictionaries and encyclopedias, while the conspiracy is attributed to the realm of legend, myth, and popular belief. And this despite the fact that academic historians have largely abstained from the subject of the kennedy assassination until today: due to the on the one hand huge, but on the other hand still not only patchy, but also questionable (because officially filtered) amount of evidence and documents, it would be, at least according to strictly scientific criteria, simply folly to draw conclusions.

On the other hand, no professor can count on rough demand for proof that crimes are committed and presidents are assassinated in the name of the state. And so it came about that after four decades, despite all the obvious contradictions and inconsistencies, the single-crime theory as a historical "truth" and that the conspiracy theories, which were much closer to reality, were a myth "myth". History is always written by the victors – and so did the victors of the coup of 22 november 1963. November 1963.

The proliferation of conspiracy theories about the kennedy assassination continues to serve as a cover for the actual conspiracy

Only twice as a little boy did I see my mother crying at the breakfast table in the morning: when my grandfather died and after kennedy’s assassination. I came into the kitchen, the newspaper with the headline was in front of her and I asked why she was crying: "oh", she said and took me in her arms, "the world is so bad."

The sunny boy from massachusetts, the "berlin" from america, had conquered the brains and hearts of the people not only in his country in the shortest possible time. Neither his notorious whore stories, nor his mafioso father, who foresaw a dynasty of 30 years when all his sons were twice crowned, nor aubenpolitical debacles like the bay of pigs and vietnam could change anything about that. The kennedy myth as a synonym for a more democratic, freer america endures to this day, even though demythologizers like seymour hersh – in his book "the dark side of camelot, 1998 – ihr bestes getan haben.

As harvard historians may and zelikow analyzed from declassified tape recordings of white house deliberations in the face of soviet missiles stationed in cuba, kennedy was "often the only man in the room who was not determined to go to war" (ernest R. May philip D. Zelikow: the kennedy tapes, 1997). Your colleague howard jones, commenting on the deliberations on engagement in vietnam, states, "that the only high-ranking member of the kennedy administration who consistently opposed sending U.S. Troops was the president himself." (howard jones: death of a generation – how the assassinations of diem and JFK prolonged the vietnam war, 2003). Kennedys biograph von der boston university, robert dallek (an unfinished life – john F. Kennedy 1917 – 1963, 2003) adds an original quote that gets to the heart of the matter:

The first advice I give my successor is to pay attention to the generals and avoid the feeling that just because they are militaries their damn advice is worth anything.

Kennedy was in the 1.055 days of his presidency, oswald has become a challenge to the power elite, the military-industrial complex, and the intelligence services. The beaming man, whom no one had thought much of, made himself increasingly self-reliant. He had, supported by his brother, internally threatened several times to kill CIA "to smash into a thousand pieces". A second term for john F. Kennedy, many historians now agree, had brought with him a decisive change in policy. The killers who struck in dallas on. November 1963 in dallas knew how to prevent this – and their employers have succeeded in concealing the crime to this day.

The "stupid little communist" may let us sleep better in the future, but otherwise it is true: "the world is so bad".

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