Tried: backpack icon dreadnaught

Tried: backpack icon dreadnaught

The americas of the motorcycle accessories manufacturer icon show their roots in everyday and stunt driving with a new backpack series. Icon-typical view the "dreadnaught" (in german about "fearless") mentioned parts very chic. Traditionally, icon liked to deny the insight of the existence of rain. We saw that in indoor labels such as "watertight level 1", which the german professional was following: "not waterproof". On the other hand, with the "raiden" line, they operate very useful, really waterproof touring equipment. The dreadnaught lays down exactly in the middle of both extremes.

Water-degraded drinking bubble

On the one hand, there is a very sturdy, 20 liter inner compartment, which remains fully waterproof by roll closure and thick planes – the material seems for a long time. Even the ax for a drinking bubble is still quite well water. On the back side, icon still housed a few smaller specialists, one of them contains a tool roller. Playing, because hardly anyone’s heavy tools on the jerking instead of the motorcycle. There is a huft strap in the form of a simple belt. That works better than you think at the first time. In case of non-use, the strap can be removed or plug in the trailer, so that he does not flutter.

The large tray is a laterally-opens laptop / document compartment. It is not waterproof. Thus, the dreadnaught is disqualified as everyday backpack for motorcyclists. Even BMWS first motorcycle backpack had a padded laptop compartment in the waterproof area. For a few drops of rain, the lappi was allowed to stay safe, but for a few drops of rain does any backpack from the grabbelet. The dreadnaught side compartment is not affected for strong or clearance rain.

Why icon finishes the laptop in the rain, remains unclear. That’s a bit too bad because the backpack is well processed, well douved at jerking and he brings a novel magnetic closure of the chest strap, which lies well with winter gloves well. We hope for a next generation, where the raid team was allowed to explain the properties of rain explaining rain.

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