Oneplus 9: performance in many apps is throttled to save battery

OnePlus 9: Performance in many apps is throttled to save battery

Oneplus throttles the performance of the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro at numerous apps. Corresponding media reports, the company has now confirmed in a statement. The aim of the performance restriction is to define the battery life of the cell phones and reduce the heat development. The company did not provide information on whether other oneplus leads will also be procedure.

"We have worked in recent months to optimize the device performance with many popular apps such as google chrome by adjusting the performance to the requirements of each app", said oneplus the android magazine XDA developers. Making that in some benchmarks noticeable. Whether and to what extent the performance restrictions in the actual use of the cell phones are noticeable is unclear. Many of the affected applications do not use the full performance of the built-in high-end SOCS snapdragon 888, which is usually not available, in order to run flow.

Chrome, whatsapp and instagram on black list

First, the tech blog anandtech had found the performance restrictions in benchmark situations. Depending on the application, the oneplus smartphones therefore use only certain cores of the qualcomm-SOCS. The system seems to work according to a blacklist: the oneplus phones are primarily geared to putting the full performance of a candy. Only for certain applications on a black list is throttled the power. There are numerous popular applications on this list, including chrome apparently also facebook, whatsapp and instagram.

This approach has only implemented onplus by its current top cell phones. Product tester had no opportunity to check the effects of the maws. Oneplus does not provide a possible way to manually cancel the power throttling or edit the list of performance-corrected apps. The performance throttle does not seem to access hardware games: the mobile game "genshin impact" the tested oneplus 9 pro provided the complete processor performance, reported anandtech.

The oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro are powered by the snapdragon 888, which tends to overriding heat development. In the short break, the US chip manufacturer with the snapdragon 888 plus has introduced its new top model. Whether it fixes the overheating problems of the process is open.

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