More organic fuels: vw and daimler participate in choren

Volkswagen and daimler participate as a minority shareholder at freiberger choren industries gmbh. The corresponding contract were signed today in freiberg. The main objective of the commitment of the two companies is the broad market import of the climate-friendly synthetic biofuels BTL (biomass to liquid), ie fuels made, for example, made of wood, straw or biowaste.

Choren currently builds the world’s first commercially operated BTL plant in the industrial scale at the freiberg site. She is scheduled for early 2008 about 15.Produce 000 tonnes of fuel. This can, for example, the annual requirements of up to 15.000 cars are covered. Choren also plans to establish a first reference system in germany, a so-called sigma-1 plant with a production capacity of 200.000 tons of the year. A location decision here is aimed at the end of the year. The planned sigma facilities have the potential to contribute a coarse share to the realization of the climate protection objectives of the federal government. By the year 2020, with 10 to 15 BTL systems from choren up to 3 million. Save tons of CO2.

BTL is a high-purity, sulfur and aromatic-free fuel that burns pollutants and has an excellent CO2 balance sheet. BTL is obtained by biomass gasification from a wide variety of biogenic inserts and residues and is therefore hardly competing for food and feed production. For transport and storage of BTL, the existing infrastructure does not require the existing infrastructure. BTL contracts with today’s as well as the future diesel engine technology.

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