Munchen, 20. January 2016 – introducing it has become in the mini-assortment. What began as a careful experiment, they have been led to the one to the fixed revenue sources of BMW AG. And not only that: in the face of vehicle prices and the fact that the munchener on the same base now also offer BMW models, the MINI brand was also allowed to contribute to the good return of the group.

So there is now three minis with five times alone, because in addition to the relatively new mini funfturer, the countryman is still on the old base and the new clubman around the favor of the customers. The latter is now also available with four-wheel drive. BMW calls the new combination clubman all4.

Initially only strong

At the external occurrence, the new four-wheel drive version little. Front and rear trimmed were slightly changed, there is a small opening in the bonnet. The clubman all4 is first offered with two motors, both known from other mini models. The gasoline engine makes 192 hp and offers a maximum of 300 nm. It is offered with a six-speed gearbox and an eight-speed automatic. The diesel is 190 hp and 400 nm. BMW offers the self-cord only with automatic. In this selection, it does not have to stay: depending on how strong the clubman all4 is in demand, BMW could react with other engines.

The four-wheel drive is electrohydraulically designed. The rear axle is connected via a cardan shaft, with the slope-on slat coupling in the rear axle transmission. BMW has apparently succeeded in notifying the room in the trunk. As in clubman with front drive, it is between 360 and 1250 liters. The coarse of the tank remained identical to 48 liters.

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