Microsoft: xbox game pass ultimate now with cloud gaming

Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now with Cloud Gaming

Microsoft’s cloud gaming "xcloud" is now part of the game pass ultimate. Subscribers to the game subscription can now stream 172 video games from microsoft servers to your android mobile device. Prerequisite is an android device with OS version 6 next to the subscription.0 or later.

As "xcloud" microsoft had offered his cloud gaming service for a long time as a beta test – as separate service. Now "xcloud" plangemab in microsoft’s game subscription game pass ultimate integrated. A possibility to book microsoft’s cloud gaming individually is currently not offered.

Cloud at no extra charge

To the games that can be played with xbox game pass ultimate on android phones, and for example "grounded", "hollow knight" and "the witcher 3". A complete overview of cloud games gives microsoft in his blog.

Microsoft is currently working on offering its cloud gaming for windows systems. According to microsoft, an ios version still fails to restrictive guidelines in the app store of the apple operating system.

A surcharge is not falling for subscribers of the xbox game pass ultimate: afterwards the subscription costs 13 euros a month. Subscribers next to cloud gaming continue to have access to locally designed free games for PC and xbox. You can also use the online features of xbox live gold on your console on your console.

Not in the standard subscription

The cloud gaming function is subject to subscribers of the ultimate catch of the game pass. The two standard variants of the game pass – in contrast to the ultimate version you will be offered separately for PC and xbox console – costs regular ten euros a month. Currently, the PC catch is still being offered for a preparation for 4 euros per month.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming is the answer to services such as google stadia and geforce now. Sony also offers a cloud service for users of his consoles with playstation now. Compared to these services, the microsoft offer differs in that it understands cloud gaming as an optional feature in a coarse overall package – and users do not have to pay additional.

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