Grunen faction leader: “tolls for foreigners without a chance”

Anton hofreiter, head of the grunen parliamentary group in the bundestag, gives the coalition project of a car toll for foreigners no chance. "It will fail because of a mixture of problems: legal problems, promises made by the chancellor (angela merkel), and ultimately technical problems," he said on wednesday on the ARD morning show. "You have to realize: there is no toll for foreigners anywhere in europe. This is also understandable, because you only collect a small percentage of people in the end."

The collection costs are nevertheless for the entire highway network fallig. "Therefore, it is highly likely that the expenses will be higher than the revenues," hofreiter said. Offsetting the planned revenue per passenger car of 100 euros by offsetting the motor vehicle tax is not possible, he said, because owners of environmentally friendly vehicles in particular pay only 20 euros in some cases.

Federal transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU) is counting on the legislative process in the coming year for implementation – the coalition agreement between the CDU/CSU and SPD merely provides the framework for the political project. The suddeutsche zeitung had reported that the ministry of transport did not yet have any concrete plans for the implementation of a toll. Ramsauer stressed, however, that the figure of 800 million euros in net annual revenue from the car toll was "realistically calculated and has been checked countless times". CSU leader horst seehofer also stressed on wednesday that he was "quite certain" that the car toll for foreigners would become reality. Asked about a failure, the bavarian premier said: "I am not concerned with such a scenario at all."

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