Displeasure over apple commission growth: us media companies call for better deal

Displeasure over Apple commission growth: US media companies call for better deal

Coarse US media groups are in criticism of apple’s app store rules. Apple pity with his "music and anti-competitive practices" just "trustworthy news offers" and change publishers in one "duster", shares the industry association digital content next (DCN), the media companies like news corp. And bloomberg pays to his members and, among others, wall street journal, new york times, washington post and bloomberg news represents.

Sticking point: special conditions for amazon

If you want to sell digital content on the iphone, you must withdraw up to 30 percent of the turnover of apple. This commission payment is "a problem for a long time", so the association in a message, you reduce investments in high-quality news content, worsen the managers for app providers and care for high prices at the end customers. For a $ 25-subscription, apple retains the same commission of 30 percent as with a $ 500 subscription, so DCN – although apple’s service is not different.

Apple tue as the app store rules "not negotiable" and for all equand tollig, but a cartel examination of the US reprusant house showed that it has special-deals. In a letter to apple boss tim cook, the bandage has now inquired what media companies have to do exactly to get the same special conditions that apple apparently accommodates amazon prime video.

At the cartel norung cook said, the special conditions for amazon are also other companies that are accessible, all "conditions" in doing what these are concrete, it was not answered.

Direct payment in prime video, outward throw for fortnite

Amazon has to pay a confidential email from apple’s services boss to amazon boss jeff bezos only half of the commission to apple. In addition, prime video (and two other video services) may now also sell content over their own payment interface. This is strictly prohibited from other apps, apple’s payment interface must be used in which the group coincides. In return, prime video is fully integrated in apple’s TV app.

Epic games has inherited a possibility of direct payment in the game fortnite, so deliberately violated apple’s (and google’s) rules – and was promptly thrown from app store and play store. Apple has threatened a complete outward throw from the developer program to the game publisher if the direct payment should not be removed. This was also affected by goods also epics widespread unreal engine, for which there was no further development on apple platforms.

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