Ccg custom gt: german sports car with us parts

Ccg custom gt: german sports car with us parts

Monschau, 26. October 2011 – the company CCG automotive introduces a sports car with the customgt, which carries german and american influences in itself. So GM control the drive, various attachments will come from local providers. The result is a flat racer, which provides up to 740 hp.

Plastic or carbon

The base for the customgt forms a powder-coated lattice pipe frame that is made in the US and gets its fine cut in germany. The 4.36 meter aubera is either made of glass fiber-picked plastic or carbon and also comes from the USA. Through the lightweight material weighs the car depending on the equipment between 960 and 1040 kilograms.

Always with V8

In the engines CCG relies on technology from general motors. The basic version of customgt is powered by a 450 hp 6.0-liter V8. There is also a 7.0-liter V8 built on 550 hp, which comes from the corvette. The acceleration from zero to 100 km / h should be carried out by the engines in 3.5 or "less 3.3 seconds" and depends on the elected translation. Therefore, the highest speed can also vary between 285 and 320 km / h in both versions. In addition to the two suction V8, a compressor variant of the coarse motor is to be offered, which releases 740 hp to the rear ratchet. On request, the CUSTOMGT also runs with autogas. Over a manual six-speed gearbox is switched. There is a sequential transmission against a price.

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