Car soon “mainly” taxed according to consumption

Car soon'hauptsachlich' nach verbrauch besteuert'hauptsachlich' nach verbrauch besteuert

The black-red coalition wants to start a higher car tax with high fuel consumption for new cars and demand the change to less climate-damaging cars. From 2021, the BEMENGS foundation should be the CO₂ out of the CO₂ outlet for the car tax, it is called in the compromise on the economic aid in the crisis by the covid-19 pandemic, which union and SPD agreed. Above the mark of 95 grams CO₂ per kilometer, the tax should be increased gradually.

70 million euros additional income for the state

Also in the climate package, the coalition had already decided to align the car tax from 2021 stronger on climate protection. A concrete plan of federal finance minister olaf scholz (SPD) is not available for this. In 2021, this should bring about the state of 70 million euros. The already existing ten-year exemption from the car tax for battery-electric cars should be demonstrated by the compromise by the end of 2030.

About a month ago, the minister minister svenja schulze brought into conversation, to make vehicles with high fuel consumption more expensive and electric cars gunstiger. The same had proposed the ADAC at the beginning of january 2020. The manufacturers are also understood in the obligation to pay for the first time they must pay penalty from 2020 if they do not comply with the CO₂ fleet limit of 95 grams per kilometer.

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