Burzelle erlzonig: bmw 6 series convertible

Burzelle erlzonig: bmw 6 series convertible

Hair, 7. June 2010 – the current BMW 6er, consisting of coupe and convertible, polarized in his appearance in 2003 mainly through a striking tail cover with burzel. Nevertheless, the 6er became the success of sales, but after the technical dispenser was reied in the form of the 5 series, the next 6er already stands in the starting pages. The now caught erlzonig shows only slightly camouflaged. The optics shows clear style elements of the study concept gran coupe shown at the end of april 2010 in beijing. This is particularly clear in the wide grill flanked by almond-formal headlamps and the clearly decided tail. Here the demolition edge has fallen discreetly than before.

Start as a convertible

The engine offer starts at 258 hp in the 628i. The new eight-speed automatic is installed in most versions series-mabig. There are also various assistance systems that have given your debut in the freshly published 5er. First of all, the 6er starts as a convertible, which will be at the paris motor show in september and comes to the market at the end of 2010. The two right coupe will debut in detroit in january 2011 and stand in the spring of the art. Undisputed highlight but is the fourth model based on the concept gran coupe. Whether the car shown on the IAA 2011 is operated within the 6 series or is positioned in its own position, is still open.

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