Audi: android for entertainment and infosystems

The dominant smartphone system android is on the way to the car. The car maker audi wanted to run the entertainment and information systems in its vehicles with google software, reported the wall street journal on monday. Google and audi wanted to present the cooperation coming week at the electronics fair ces in las vegas, bothered it to informed persons. Audi did not want to comment on the report so far.

The project was part of a larger movement that android wanted to establish in the car, the newspaper wrote. Another participant in this alliance is the chip specialist nvidia. Various prototypes of cockpit electronics based on android have already been seen at trade fairs such as the IAA international motor show. The major advantage for users of android devices would be direct access to services and information in their smartphones as well as familiar operation. Android dominates the smartphone market with a recent market share of around 80 percent. Google also wants to turn the software into a platform for networked building technology, for example.

Apple is also working to better integrate its iphones in the car. Since last year, the google rival has been negotiating agreements for a deeper integration of its devices and services with general motors, daimler and BMW, among others. On the one hand, this means that apple services such as the siri speaking assistant can be reached directly via the car systems. Steering wheels are given a button that activates siri. On the other hand, the car can also access services from the iphone such as apple maps, which are then shown on the vehicle’s display.

A broad foray into the car from android would be further bad news for the smartphone pioneer blackberry. He owns the QNX operating system, which was previously often used in car electronics. In the smartphone business, blackberry has recently lost massive market shares, and QNX is considered to be one of the pillars for the future.

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