Apple’s language assistant siri comes on external devices – over detours

With ios 15, TVOS 15 and HOMEPOD OS 15, apple third providers for the first time make the language assistant to use siri directly on their advice. The group of the group on the developer conference WWDC 2021.

Respond directly to siri

Suppliers such as ecobee create siri, so that you can choose about a thermostat of the manufacturer directly scenes or query data. Other companies that use siri directly, customer apple did not matter, but the list was not allowed to be small. The group follows with the new possibility of competitors such as amazon (alexa) or google (assistant), which have been their technique for a long time on strangers.

Apple’s implementation is specifically. This is how it works only in a home network in which already a home or homepod mini already exists (alternatively also an apple TV or an ipad as a so-called home hub). Accordingly, the external devices serve only for the (locked) transfer of commands. The request itself then takes place via the homepod. Technically problematic is not, the siri gates are always all in a home network; homekit households usually have a homepod or a home hub.

Matter and homekit secure video

Apple will continue to support the new smart home standard matter – along with numerous other companies like google, samsung or amazon. This starts from ios 15. New at homekit is also an extension of the secure monitoring camerasy system HOMEKIT secure video. This can recognize the design of packages and inform the user accordingly.

For the homepod mini customer apple support for use as apple TV speakers – this is also in stereopaar. The function comes "father this year", so the group. The hardware is still relevant this month in austria, ireland and by the end of the year in italy; apple did not make it available from the beginning of worldwide.

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