Amd ryzen embedded v2000: mini pcs with zen-2-october and ecc ram come

AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000: Mini PCs with Zen-2-October and ECC RAM come

AMD has introduced the processor series ryzen embedded V2000 with codenamen gray hawk, which now declines the now 2.5 year old ryzen embedded V1000 CPU. Thus, a change from zen (1) with globalfoundries’ 14 nanometer technology on zen 2 with TSMCS 7-NM structures can be accompanied. A doubling of the CPU cores, new architecture and high-stroke VEGA graphics units promise a significant performance jump.

The ryzen embedded V2000 acknowledge the notebook combi processors ryzen 4000u / h (renoir) and were allowed to use the same silicon. At the embedded CPUM, however, AMD jerks the industry in focus, including with memory guard and ECC error correction and secure boot. In addition, AMD promises a ten-year availability for long-term partnerships.

Manufacturers set appropriate processors, for example, in gaming machines, on video products (digital signage) and generally in embedded systems. The process of ryzen embedded V1000, however, also comes in mini-pcs such as the asrock 4×4 box v1000m, the E.E.P.D. EM pro mini and on the mainboard UDOO bolt used.

Eight fleet CPU cores

The top model ryzen embedded V2748 uses eight CPU cores including simultaneous multithreading (16 threads) and works with 2.9 to 4.25 ghz at a configurable thermal design power (CTDP) from 35 to 54 watts. Seven compute units (448 shader kernels) reach up to 1600 mhz. Thus, the ryzen embedded V2748 corresponds quite exactly to the mobile ryzen 7 4800h.

Underneath, AMD positions the ryzen embedded processors V2546, V2718 and V2516. The last digit is located for the number of CPU cores, the penultimate for the standard TDP of 15 or 45 watts. The ryzen embedded V2718 largely represents a ryzen embedded V2748, blobed with a 1.2 ghz lower base cycle due to the lower TDP.

AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000: Mini PCs with Zen-2-October and ECC RAM come

Specifications of the ryzen embedded V2000 with six and eight CPU cores.

DDR4-3200 and HDMI 2.1

All models support DDR4-3200-RAM in the dual channel and ECC error correction and loses mainboards. DISPLAY PORT 1 as display outputs.4 and HDMI 2.1 ready – four stucco can be beat at the same time. The transfer rate is also enough for 8K screens with 7680 × 4320 pixels and 60 hertz. Additional chips and cards can be used via 20 PCI-express-3.Tie 0 lanes.

First systems with ryzen embedded V2000 should come from asrock industrial, advantech and simply nuc. Sapphire updates the current V1000 motherboards (4×4 and 5×5 formats) with the new processors that simply nuc installed in mini-pcs. Adlink has called with the CEXPRESS-AR a COM express compact size type 6 modules for COM express baseboards.

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