Aleppo: jihadists on the advance

Aleppo: jihadists on the advance

Shelling of artillery base

With spectacular jihadist military successes, the battle for aleppo enters its decisive phase

Syrian jihadism seems to be on the verge of its roughest triumph yet. After several days of bitter fighting in the south of the former syrian economic capital of aleppo, the islamist militias, who want to blast the siege ring of regime forces around the eastern part of the city to the letter with a major offensive, have achieved a decisive breakthrough.

Aleppo: jihadists on the march

Jihadists from ex-al-nusra with heavy weapons

On the morning of 6. August, even sources close to the regime had to report the loss of the most important defensive position in the south of the devastated city. A syrian army artillery base was captured by the islamists in a fierce two-day battle. The military complex formed the last significant point of resistance that prevented rebel militias from breaking through into the besieged eastern part of the city. Several counterattacks by regime forces and associated shiite militias were unsuccessful until the morning of august 6. August – were not successful.

The attack on the artillery base was prefaced with devastating suicide bombings by islamist extremists who blew breaches in the regime’s defenses. After that, the jihadist assault troops stormed the military base area. Fighting at the vast military complex, in which islamists used drones for reconnaissance, did not subside last night. Massive russian airstrikes, regular flat bombardments of the entire area, have so far only been able to slow down the advance of the jihadists, not stop it.

Although the regime’s defensive lines in the south still cover several hundred meters, the offensive by the islamist-backed rebel alliance has already achieved one of its strategic goals. The supply routes to the west of the grobstadt are now in the field of fire of the insurgents. Already yesterday they started artillery shelling of the arterial road running through sudaleppo along the artillery base, which supplies the west of the city. Reliable supply of the inhabitants of western aleppo through the recently cleared roads in the north, the aforementioned castello road, is not possible, as it is also in the field of fire of the insurgents.

Thus, not only is eastern aleppo under siege by the regime, but now the islamists have also managed to draw a de facto siege ring around the west. The entire city is thus in a deadly military grip, in a mutual siege that makes daily survival an ordeal for all inhabitants, east and west.

Suicide attack on the artillery base

Every day people die in the besieged east of aleppo due to airstrikes of the syrian and russian military, now the insurgents also bombarded the west of the city, which cost the lives of many civilians. Russian media also reported that the islamists had used poison gas in western aleppo.

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