Against backup problems: apple blast icloud store at short notice

Apple will be less palpy with IOS 15 in the assignment of icloud memory – at least in the context of a particular application. As the company announced, it will be possible to make way complete iphone fuses even if it is actually insufficient space in icloud – for example, if the paid package has been used up or one uses much to short free variant with 5 gbytes.

Three weeks as much storage place as necessary

According to apple’s information, however, this only applies if you want to set up a new device. How exactly the group will determine this, first remains unclear. Icloud will be the users "so much storage space as necessary for the completion of a temporary backup" provide. This is free and "for up to three weeks" possible. "This allows you to automatically bring all apps, data and settings to the new device."

Icloud backup not end-to-end-cap

Already, however, you are not forced to use the icloud backup feature to transfer data from one device to the other. So you can previously create a backup backup on the mac or a PC with itunes to transfer all information. Alternatively, apple also offers transmission in the home network via WLAN or cable; the function is called quick start or quick start. Not every user also liked use the icloud backup, as the data contained therein can be viewed in part: an end-to-end cap for fuses has still not implemented apple despite appropriate demands.

New icloud + function

Furthermore, it has now been known that apple’s new icloud payment service icloud + (it consists of all old functions plus some additional) will also allow its own e-mail domains for the first time. So you do not have to just "icloud.Com" use, but can define his own address. This is about google or microsoft 365 for a long time.

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