500L “compressor”

500L 'compressor'

Milan, 11. July 2013 – as "grobroom limousine with almost magical skills" and as "compactest seven-seater in the market" FIAT FIAT HIS NAMLE ARE 500L LIVING. Strong words. But is it possible to create it at only 4.35 meters long room for seven travelers?

Family growth or nice to have a niche

The model family of the fiat 500 growth. After the 500, the 500C and the 500L, 500L living and the 500L trekking yielded the series. For mid-2014, then a 500x is expected to expect a SUV with optional four-wheel drive, which should shut the sedici. The 500L is based in all variants on the modernized punto platform. The 500L living is at 4.35 meters after all 20 centimeters long than the normal 500L. He should be mentioned the most compact seven-seater in the market. At the next, the citroen berlingo multispace with 4.38 meters as well as the peugeot partner tepee with exactly the same long and also up to seven seats. The chosts of the most compactest seven-seater has earned living, even if the small long differences were hard to be relevant for the driver.

More space than a compact combination

The trunk offers 560 or 1708 liters of space for two- or fun air seat configuration. Thus, the living has more space than compact combi, which typically have 500 to 1500 liters of storage space. Long objects can be stowed in living by locking the front passenger seat back, which is possible as standard. A shelf equalizes the charging threshold and makes the trunk well usable. The optional additional seats that make the car to the seven-seater can easily open up. Behind it, however, hardly any room for suitcases remains – 168 liters are not much. Everything in the solid area, but under "magical skills" imagine something else.

A lot of space in the rear, high compression in series three

The second row is quite pleasant, pushing the asymmetrically divided bench into the rearmost position, the scavort is even very good: at our medium-sized test person, for example, twelve centimeters remain between the kneecap and front seat back, it is about four centimeters about the head. It looks different with series three. Before entering the third row, the fondbank must be pushed to the front again. Lost the leaning lock in series two winds the whole seat around his own axis and works forward in the whole.

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