Transmissions: everyone talks about the digitization – the train rather not

Transmissions: Everyone talks about the digitization - the train rather not

The plan of the confederation, deutsche bahn (DB) and the economy to make tempo together in the digitization of the rail network, does not run around. This year only seven regional routes can be extended with digital locking technology. Provided with as of november 2020 actually 13 single pilot projects.

"Speed" until 2035

In september, the DB had met with the association of the bahn industry in germany (VDB) and the railway federal office, which is subordinated to the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure (BMVI), a supervision for more effective digitization of the full-sized transition and railway conveyor technology. The complete surrounding should therefore be over "speed" until 2035 – five years more than planned.

100 million euros were already used in 2020, 400 million should be added this year. The money comes from the corona economic package of the confederation.

Contractor demand "clear" rial prices

The fact that only around half of the proposed flagship projects will be implemented, the BMVI explores the report to the budget committee of the bundestag with a significantly higher cost of the contractors in a europe budget committee. The offers of the industrial partners had lackable via the calculated by the train "indication" located. Due to the fixed financial framework of 500 million euros, the group is therefore not all conversion projects for 2021 orders.

With a rapid turnaround, the house of minister andreas scheuer (CSU) expects not. Continuing "currently a very unfavorable market situation" in the divisions not covered by module production, the report can be found in. This is mainly due to personnel expensive cable trees, the "in a particularly high amount of replacement of old, partly mechanical fitting" prime. The ministry ames, "that the companies are the very short realization time", the new procedural model "as well as a certain uncertainty" about available workforce "by the corona situation in the end have priced". The resource snapness is also noticeable in fiberglass expansion.

More competition, more suppliers

The projects planned for this year refer to regional routes "with low complexity" in bavaria, north rhine-westphalia, rhineland-palatinate and thuringen. The new technology should be there existing systems "various types" shut. According to the european tender documents, the appeal to the general contractor alstom, hitachi, inosig, pintsch, scheidt bachmann, siemens and thales went. The respective signaling companies are responsible for the entire project planning.

Digitization of the rail network

Transmissions: Everyone talks about the digitization - the train rather not

According to the report, for three projects, seven of eight investments have been held now. Target is it, "to familiarize the companies with the processes and procedural steps" and answer questions. While this increased the initial costs additionally, but drove "as a result, more competition and providers for the later, rugged rollout of digital signaling technology".

Digitization for road transition and climate protection

The experiences from the pilot operation wants to use the BMVI, "in order to reduce the costs and construction times even more strongly in the further realization of digital transducers". The cognitive gain was now allowed to be significantly lower than in the light of the first round of the first round.

Transmissions with more convenient technology leaded to 14 in 2019.459 and 2018 to 14.285 disturbances at the DB. These should have had more or less serious effects on train traffic like delays. The desired rapid digitization also sees the train as "contribution to the road and climate protection". With the changeover "to be used on my own route".

"Intelligent tracks" should help to avoid trap

"Short travel times, short waiting times, precise customer information", the DB promises from the program. "Intelligent tracks give alarm before besping: customs are avoided, the train traffic continues as planned." digital shifts also formed the basis for the equipment of the network with the europe-wide uniform zugbeinflungsystem european train control system (ETCS).

The train does not want to go to the medium-term effects of delays. "We are in the middle of rollout planning", declared a group speaker against the suddeutsche zeitung. "For the time and cost plan to speculate goods freed." but the railway also has surprisingly high financial demands of contractors in the ratio "tenders of the past" mentioned. DB infrastructure management board ronald pofalla claimed despite the juxtapy in marz: "we are now in turbogang with the digital rail germany."

For the left household politician victor perli, on the other hand, is certain: "the already transparent ‘high-speed program’ is tremendous." there is also a gun that three of the seven remaining construction initiatives in scheuer’s home of bavaria and benefit the free state so most of them. Once again, this means that the minister simply does not prove by train, "whether it’s about digitization, electrification or route expansion". The budget committee wants to deal with the report on wednesday as an agenda item 17.

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