The wedges, bavarian original neck

The wedges, bavarian original neck

Vienna, 25. February 2015 – german primibility on the one and the teutonic ambition on the other hand gave the beat in the BMW M1. That’s a good mix as long as long as everything is going to plan. If imbalance comes to the schedule, it will be amusant for the car in the best case.

BMW grundet 1972 the motorsport gmbh (short: "M gmbh"). Hardly in the infancy, the subsidiary releases a car on the strain, which still pays to the gods of the brand. The BMW 3.0 CSL. The vehicle thus won in 1973 the gross price of the touring car on the nurburgring and its class at the 24 hours of le mans. There are six european heads.

Distillate of the coming decade

The idea to build a car for serious motorsport – and thus into a league with ferrari – came the person in 1975. It was developed and tested, whereby the FIA regulations show the key data. Lamborghini clarified to cooperation, giorgetto giugiaro could be won for the design. Impressive at his work was that he was virtually distilling the coming decade before there was only an idea of this ARA. Clear forms, severe look, slats over the engine, pop-up headlights and miniature BMW kidney at the front.

The first test drives began in 1977. Now something that threw the german schedule for six months: lamborghini went off the money after seven prototypes. From then on, baur from stuttgart for assembly was state. Lattice pipe frame (brand marchesi) and fiberglass-reinforced plastic body (T.I.R.) came from modena, giugiaro married both and still gave the interior, BMW delivered the engines and BAUR made from this gordic node of a supplier chain two BMW M1 a day. Too bad that it was meanwhile in 1978 and a group-4 homologation (400 pieces) could not be done anymore.

The timing may have been miserabel, but the M1 itself was a great car. The brand’s first middle motor sports car. The row socket cylinder with four valve technique was installed long behind the driver. From 3.5 liters of displacement came 277 hp. Or otherwise: this anachronistic wedge, this bavarian original neck had only six cylinders, but goods of the strain competition with eight or more combustion chambers had been awarely.

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