Small all-wheeller: on the way in suzuki swift 4×4

Small all-wheeller: on the way in suzuki swift 4x4

Hopf garden (tyrol / austria), 21. January 2011 – so we have not introduced ourselves to the much cited climate change: the year 2010 brought snow-capped straws to the marz, and instead of mild-rainy christmas days, mrs. Holle made in december for the next chaos on the strain. These unloads also have one who said so far, two driven raders at the car are enough to rethink rethink. But a SUV does not fit in every parcel and right not to any purse. As one of the few all-wheel drive small cars on the market the suzuki swift 1 could.2 4 × 4 conquer an interesting marketplace. We were traveling with the japanese in the kitzbuhler alpen.

Only a few competitors

The offer of the competition falls surgically, as SUBARU offers justy in this country now only as a front drive. Stay the fiat panda 4 × 4, the daihatsu sirion 4WD – and the swift 4 × 4. Since september 2010, the fourth, optically only carefully changed generation of the small car on the market. The now-shifted four-wheeled version relies on a relatively simple, compared to the process hardly changed 4 × 4 technology. This does not require much space, no elaborate electronics and is – important for a small car – relatively cost-minded: front and rear axles are connected by a viscod coupling, which leads part of the moments to the hindrades at slippage on the front raders and suzuki is also the task of a center differential ames.

No sweeping raders

On a wet asphalt already shows the good traction of the allrad SWIFT. Through sweeping raders are not too scary for heavy acceleration. Also on snow, the 4 × 4 version of wacker suggests, she remains properly in the track in bends and forced gradients easily. The hard conveyor forms a icy route, which is mirror-smooth due to additional rain and thaw water. The ride up the slope goes up still soverhand. But on the ground, the then uncontrollable vehicle comes into curves again and again into slides – and the bache bed next to the strain a different time. Even four-wheel drive, ABS and ESP can not just despise every situation.

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