Rough in form

Rough in form

Stuttgart, 23. April 2014 – car manufacturers are watching each other very closely, and not just recently. A case in point is the somewhat chunky BMW X6, which was initially ridiculed and now that it’s a global success, has numerous imitators. One comes from mercedes. At the auto china trade show (20. To 29. April 2014), the brand is presenting the "concept coupe SUV," a model that is strongly reminiscent of the X6, and not just in terms of form.

With almost 16 million new registrations, china is currently the world’s largest car market, and there are currently no signs that this will change any time soon, despite restrictions on registrations. The demand there is for sedans and suvs, which are allowed to be a bit rougher than usual in this country. This may be one of the reasons why mercedes is presenting the SUV coupe study at the fair in beijing.

Upply design

In the case of the mercedes study, certain visual parallels to the BMW X6 cannot be denied, even if chief designer gorden wagener emphasizes: "sensual as a coupe – visionary as an SUV!"The front end resembles that of the GLA, and the study also stands on 22-inch rims with 305 tires. The rear window is rather small, the whole car looks very voluminous – for the german taste the shapes might be too lush, but on growth markets like china or russia the recipe could work out.

Basis: M-class

At 4.93 meters, the concept car is almost as long as a mercedes CLS, but 13 centimeters longer than the M-class, which provides the technical base. The wheelbase is 2.91 meters – exactly the same length as in the M-class. Mercedes states that the height is 1.74 meters, which is around six centimeters less than the M-class. The study takes the drive from the new C 400 4matic. That means 333 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline engine with three liters of displacement. 480 nm maximum torque available from 1400.

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