Porsche boxster: on the way with the third generation

Porsche boxster: on the way with the third generation

Gassin (france), 13. Marz 2012 – anyone who has ever moved the second generation of the porsche boxster quickly over a winding strain will ask himself how to improve this car. But, so much is already betrayed at this point, the developers of porsche has succeeded. We were able to try the new porsche boxster in the french sea alps.


Tight curves at high speed – that seems to be exactly the thing of the brand new boxster. As drawn at the string, the roadster completes her even at a high speed. No wonder so that the leaders of the sports car builders introduce their latest creation on quite demanding routes. But the third boxster generation makes it easy for the driver: a great tuned chassis in combination with the longest wheelbase (plus 60 mm), the wider track (in front up to 40 millimeters, rear up to 18 millimeters) and the lowered vehicle focus. Mid-motor sports enthusiast are perfect on the asphalt, in bends as well as on the straight line.

Brake helps when steering

Also big is the new steering: it now works electromechanically – just like in the gross brother 911 carrera. In terms of precision, it is barely to top, but always remains lightweight. For something about 1300 euros, there is also the porsche torque vectory (PTV) including mechanical rear axle cross-lock. Through targeted brake engagers on the inside of the rear wheel, the vehicle has such a rotational force that supports the steering angle additionally. This results in again increased curving dynamics. Even if lack of courage it does not always allow, brakes often seem almost overflowed. Because to bring the boxster into the border area is hardly to create on public strain. Is it necessary, pack the brakes properly. For an additional charge in the amount of 7319 euros, a ceramic brake system can be ordered with 350 millimeter slices. It can be recognized by yellow lacquered brake slots.

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