One last time kerosingeuche – berlin will take airport tegel

One last time Kerosingeuche - Berlin will take airport Tegel

60 years after the first scheduled flight is the berlin airport tegel history. Hundreds of employees and berlin passed on sunday the last planned flight. A special machine of air france lifted to paris. In the evening she should return – to the new capital airport BER on the outskirts in the brandenburg schreastfeld. He was opened a week ago. In tegel, the kerosinger is gone.

A chapter finished

"A chapter berlin history is completed", said the ruling burger master michael muller (SPD). He was well acquainted with the research and business park as well as thousands of apartments planned on the sinking near the city center, but "it’s a day, there is nothing around to talk around where many the heart is bleeding."

In the airplane of the air france the mood was correspondingly emotional. When the machine turned an honorary round to the airport before the start, hundreds of people waved to the fence in front of the airport. In the plane was swept back. "Ladies and gentlemen, with this last start we finish a chapter 60 years european airport history", said capitan christophe ruch was still on the runway. "Add it." under cheers and applaus, the machine accelerated. Also after the landing in paris on the later afternoon, extensively clapped.

Freedom for walls

In berlin-weihensee, several basic fireworks were serrated when the air france overflowed the district. Thousands of people came to tegel on the weekend to say adieu. Already on saturday the visitor terrace was fully booked, from there, the people saw the last regular passenger lives when starting and landing. On site, necmi ak-schulz, who started at check-in in 1976 and stayed for almost 40 years. The pensioner has many millions of tourists, business people and berlin through the "gate to the world" walk see. Because that was the airport mainly for the west berliner for the wall.

In the end, the airport worked hard on the stress limit, the hexagonal terminal with its often praised short ways is listing. AK-schulz has brought his old uniform from the closet and packed two handkerners – for the tranes, as he says freely. "It’s sad, but I’m grateful and proud." on board the air france special machine, the capitan is called: "tegel will stay in the heart of the berliner."

Nostalgia vs. Climate protection

Also the spandau horst zising has secured a place in the last machine. "With the airport a stucco home is lost", said the 53-year-old. "Traffic technology is a catastrophe that a capital has only an airport", he says. A shame is that the senate 2017 did not consider the people’s decision for the maintenance of the airport.

On the weekend, dozens of cyclists went up the driveway to the terminal – for years was not to think about the many cars at the airport without a railroad connection. "High for climate protection, down with air traffic", with this speaking choir, the bicycle demonstrators cheered the end of air traffic in tegel.

The halting succession

Already during the berlin blockade in 1948, the french occupation troops in their sector west berlin in tegel had an airfield. In january 1960, air france accepted the scheduled flight. 60 years later, the company ends the move to the new berlin-brandenburg airport willy brief, shortly.

In recent years, the shortest of planning errors, clearing, tagged opening dates and tripled costs stood – with nine years of delay he was opened. Hundreds of thousands of berlin in the enclosure snake of tegel had to endure the aircraft long. Half a year the airport remains ready for safety, but previously the operation on the above but smoothly.

Less airlock by corona

From the airlarm, many brandenburgers in the densely populated ber environment are now affected. Because of the corona crisis, however, relatively little flown. In october there was a total of around 9000 flights in tegel and schreastfeld. In the same month last year, it was alone in schreadfeld 8300, in tegel 17.300.

"Tegel has been held long and worked for a long time at the stress limit", said airport boss engelbert lutke daldrup. He thanked the employees. "The airport has proven a coarse service berlin, all over the region, thank you."

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