Of wind, headwind and how the electricity comes into the south

Of wind, headwind and how the electricity comes into the south

Compared to the coarse of the project, it is important start: a pit, construction machinery, some workers and a red pipe that protrudes rough garden from a small tunnel before the substation. Since last summer, the network operator transnetbw in the nearby heilbronn the infrastructure for the endpoint of the planned powertrasse suedlink builds up. Something’s going on. Also at the second route ultranet, which will end in philippsburg near karlsruhe. Both electricity roadways should once bring rough quantities of wind stream from the north to the budwest. Actually since the day before yesterday.

Done wind farms, electricity grids under construction

In order to satisfy the energy hunger in the economic sudwest even after the nuclear phase-out, the electricity supplier enbw has been investing in northern german wind farms. The wind ratings are already turning, the billions-heavy expansion of the power grids is only progressing. Completion dates were postponed repeatedly.

So the nearly 700-kilometer riding suedlink, which runs from schleswig-holstein brunsbuttel to leingarten-grobgartach near heilbronn, to finish until 2022 – then, if the last atomic divider in neckarwestheim goes from the network and the budwest needs the electricity from the north. Meanwhile, the network operators transnetbw and tennet go out from commissioning at the end of 2026. The decision of politics, the route to lay underground because of the better acceptance, has cost time – and money. Instead of around three billion euros, ten billion is expected.

Inform burger, answer questions

For most sections, including the 100 kilometers in baden-wurttemberg, the planning approval procedure is now. About 7000 objections from the population were charged nationwide. "There are still some milestones to be watered for the suedlink completion, but we are confident," says transnet-BW spokesman alexander schilling. So you have to invest a lot of time in times of corona pandemic to inform the burger digital or by letter and answer questions.

It goes faster at about one billion euros projected ultranet of transnetbw and amprion. The 340 kilometers long high voltage DC transfer (HGU) from osterath at dusseldorf to philippsburg is to go into operation 2024 as the first rough north-sud power line – planned once again in 2019. In this case, additional conductor ropes for direct current should be mounted largely in existing routes with AC.

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