Nissan and nec before the series production of li-ion batteries

Nissan and nec before the series production of li-ion batteries

Hannover, 19. May 2008 – the japanese corporations NEC and NISSAN engine want to take the series production of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries for motor vehicles from the coming year. The joint venture, which was rounded two years ago two years ago, automotive energy supply corporation (AESC) has now taken operation, the companies participated today.

74 million euros investment volume

In the next three years, the joint venture wants to invest 12 billion yen (74 million euros). The AESC, which is located at the NISSAN plant in the japanese prize kanagawa, focuses on development and mass production of li-ion batteries for use in different vehicle types – the range of applications ranges from the pure electric car via hybrid vehicles with a combination of electrical and internal combustion engine up to fuel cells vehicles.

Start with forklifts

In 2009, the joint venture initially wants to record the production of li-ion batteries for forklifts, the year later, AESC is intended to supply the li-ion batteries for a hybrid and electric car from nissan – both models should first be in the US and in japan be offered. That in the first year to 13.000 units designed production should be set to 65.000 stucco upgraded. A strong increase in demand for li-ion batteries expects nissan from 2012. Then the japanese car maker who intertwined with the french renault group via mutual share shares wants to develop electric vehicles into a mass product.

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