New apple bracelet: if it does not fit, the whole watch is exchanged

New Apple Bracelet: If it does not fit, the whole watch is exchanged

Care at the clock. Anyone who liked his new apple watch series 6 or apple watch se with the new bracelet of the group should definitely pay attention to the right rough. How users report, apple demands when acquired "solo loop" from silicone, which there is also in a braided variant, the exchange of the complete clock, if only the bracelet must be returned after the purchase. Both the apple watch and the bracelet have been supplied in two packages for a long time.

Better printing better

Solo loop and "braided solo loop" each consist of a single stucco – they are flexible and can be pulled over the hand. For this reason, apple has a total of different coarse – distributed over the 40- and 44 mm variants of the computer clock – on offer. So you can certainly be wrong.

It is therefore very important in the online purchase to print out the rough aid in the correct format and then first taste with the stucco paper – but there was already criticism of accuracy. Alternatively, you can also work with a mabband and see an online calculator that can be called on the respective order page.

Try out if it is possible

The easiest way is to run by in one of the apple shops in which the new bracelet should already be sufficient. However, this can be accompanied by waiting time in corona times, as well as are currently limited.

If the clock is then there and does not fit, you have the salad, like a user in macrumors-forum reports. "I thought when I ordered the wrong rough, I can keep the clock and only back the tape / exchange. The apple support then told me by chat that you have to back up both watch and bracelet. That’s waste and frustrating." solo loop and braided solo loop are particularly comfortable and easy to wear, according to apple – but that works just when the coarse is right.

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