Ingolstadt, 20. September 2012 – as a three-era the new audi A3 is already for sale, in early 2013 follows the popular funfturige variant. The new A3 sportback is presented on the paris motor show (29. September to 14. October 2012).

Lighter and long

Compared to the threesome variant, the funftur is placed in the long by about seven centimeters to 4.31 meters. The wheelbase has grown by 35 millimeters and compared to the transaction model even by 58 millimeters, he is now 2.64 meters. Also at A3 sportback audi relies on lightweight construction components. So the weight was reduced to the process by up to 90 kg. As 1.4 TFSI weighs the funfturer according to audi without driver 1205 kg. Since audi has not supplied a technical data that has not yet delivered this somewhat unorthodox specification, a comparison is difficult, because normally the empty mass with 68 kg of driving weight, 7 kg luggage and 90% filled fuel tank is specified. Optically, the A3 sportback supplies little surprising, much keen. At the front area dominate the single frame grill and the pointed headlights. The side window line gently rises to the rear. The two rear side windows fall quite small, the C-suck relatively narrow.

Better utility value

The trunk of the A3 sportback summarizes 380 to 1220 liters, the three-estres are 365 to 1100 liters. Series mabig is a loading floor that lets two levels. Due to the grown wheelbase, audi promises a comfortable entry into the rear and there good space differences for the sportback. Approximately head and legroom, the funturer has to offer a few millimeters more than the process. The design of the cabin otherwise corresponds to that of the dreamy model. The center console is slightly inclined to the driver. Zierteile in piano varnish and aluminum optics should create a noble ambience.

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