Google migrates oracle financial software to sap

Google migrates Oracle financial software to SAP

The google parent company alphabet relocates its internal financial operations of oracle to SAP software. After the defeat of the supreme US court of justice, this message was allowed to present another low speed for the financial software specialists. Because he competes with google also on other fronts. Both google cloud and oracle try to engraving its respective share of the cloud computing market by addressing corporate customers – especially those who need hybrid and multi-cloud services.

As the US news channel CNBC reported, oracle refused to certify his database software for the google cloud, which complicated google’s offer for customers who wanted to host oracle databases in the cloud.

Painful loss for oracle

With google as coarse customers oracle loses one of those techriesen, which was particularly important for the corporate strategy. Oracle-mitbegrunder and CTO larry ellison had not prouded that particularly gross companies were changed from german competitors SAP to oracle-cloud applications. During oracles telephone conference on the third quarter paid ellison’s dozens of companies and horded up, who have switched from SAP ERP to fusion ERP.

The online giant google had previously sent a billion-densely action by oracle for alleged copyright infringements at the smartphone system android before the supreme US court of justice on the easter monday. The supreme court decided in washington D.C., that google did not commit a legal verbal and tuned a judgment from the lower instance.

Gross necklace

For google and the parent company alphabet this is a rough victory. Oracle had demanded around nine billion dollars at seclusion payments. Google had for android about 11.000 lines software code of the programming language java used. Oracle, who had bought java 2010 with the supersence of sun microsystems, sued google in the same year. The state judge had first decided that the java interfaces were principally not copyrighted. In vocational training, however, this judgment was tilted. Google had called the supreme court in january 2020.

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