False bearing?

British government presents evidence that its naval personnel allegedly operated in iraqi territorial waters and accuses iran of providing false positional information

The 15 british naval personnel are believed to have been involved in their operation, which led to their arrest by members of the iranian revolutionary guards (cf. ), "1.7 nautical miles within iraqi territorial waters," the royal navy announced late this morning. GPS evidence should support this claim. Whether the core ie in the current conflict between great britain and iran has thus been clearly clarified and the crisis can soon be resolved remains to be seen until tehran makes an official statement. One can be curious about this, because the evidence contains a delicate point that could make it difficult for iran to make concessions in the matter.

From the british point of view, the evidence is clear: GPS data, according to vice admiral charles style, clearly proved that royal navy personnel were arrested by members of the iranian navy in an ambush "well inside iraqi waters". Sitting in front of a map showing the positions of the suspected merchant ship and HMS cornwall, the mother ship from which the british dinghies departed for inspection, the vice admiral at the london ministry of defense presented GPS evidence and position information from a helicopter.

The ministry of defense based its evidence on, among other things, GPS information from a device that was on board one of the two inflatable boats. Both inflatable boats are currently in iranian hands, which is a separate point of contention since the british did not get their boat back in a similar case in 2004. The boat reportedly radioed position information to the mother ship HMS cornwall, which was "capable of continuously acquiring and recording ("charting") positions".

Wrong bearing?

On the GPS receiver the position of the ship should be visible. Image: mod

Further evidence is said to be provided by "information" from a british lynx helicopter, which partly followed the action from close range, according to a report by an independent reporter on board HMS cornwall. On sunday, the helicopter, which was operating from HMS cornwall, reportedly confirmed the position. It once again flew over the ship, which the british marines were checking on friday when they were reportedly detained by iranian revolutionary guards. The ship, which according to the guardian is flying an indian flag, has not changed its position since friday, according to the captain. Why, is not further explained. For style, however, this makes it clear:

The position was 29 degrees 50.36 minutes north, 048 degrees 43.08 minutes east. This places her 1.7 nautical miles inside iraqi territorial waters.


According to the independent reporter’s report, british sailors had become aware of the ship because it aroused suspicion of smuggling operations.

Wrong bearing?

Position indications of the iranians according to the british ministry of defense (rough

The iranian side must not have had an easy time saving face after the british government’s exports. Because the argumentation of the vice-admiral explicitly criticized "false statements" of the iranians. These had given two different positions and only the second, the corrected one, which was apparently transmitted on monday, shows a position inside iranian waters. The first, which iran reported to the british authorities on saturday, was clearly in iraqi territory.

It will now be interesting to see what the official iranian response to the british government’s evidence and accusations will be. There is some evidence that this will not happen too quickly, especially as there has been speculation in recent days that it will take some time before a coherent official line is found, given the different political forces in iran. At present, the matter of the 15 prisoners is being discussed in the national security council, according to information provided by iran correspondent and blogger martin ebbing, for whom this indicates that the matter is being taken very seriously in iran.

As the IRNA news agency reported today, GPS coordinates had already been released, making it clear that the british naval personnel had been "0.5 kilometers inside iranian territory" – the very corrected second position vice admiral style spoke of today.

The big question now is what the solution to the conflict between the two countries will be. Rough prere is being built up from the western side. Blair spoke yesterday of entering a "new phase" after no concrete signals came from the iranian side about the imminent release of the 15 prisoners. Today, following the presentation of evidence by the british, the EU is still to make clear statements. Von iranischer seite heibt es laut IRNA, welche die position der iranischen botschaft in grobbritannien ubermittelt:

We are confident that iranian and british governments are capable of resolving this security case through their close contacts and cooperation in which would prevent the reoccurrence of such incidents in the area.

While the blair government, like the iranian government, has so far sought to separate the conflict over the prisoners from other ies, such as speculation that british prisoners in iran were to be swapped for members of the revolutionary guards detained by the united states, other actions have allowed the situation to deteriorate. For instance, the announcement of a rougher manover in the gulf by the U.S. Now that the aircraft carrier unit USS john C. Stennis im golf angelangt ist und dort die USS dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group strengthens :

This exercise demonstrates the importance of both strike groups’ ability to plan and conduct dual task force operations as part of the U.S. Long-standing commitment to maintaining maritime security and stability in this region.

Die britische soldatin turney im iranischen fernsehen

Update: as "humanitarian gesture" iran has announced that it will release the only woman among the captured british soldiers. On the one hand, the intention is to defuse the conflict, but on the other hand, the release is linked to the fact that the british soldiers admit to having entered iranian waters. A video was shown on TV where you can see the soldiers eating and the soldier faye turney being interviewed. She says they were all treated well and kindly and explained to them the reason for the arrest. Also shown was a letter from turney to her parents, in which she "confesses", what happened.

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