Erlzonig: new mercedes cls

Erlzonig: new mercedes cls

Munchen, 19. February 2010 – there is hardly a marketplace in which does not already have a car. Mercedes found a for 2004 "fourth coupes" – and the CLS was born. Now the second generation turns last test rounds, new emergency images reveal now more details.

More character

Despite camouflage, it is easy to see that the next CLS puts on a particularly highlighted kuhlerbill, as designchef gordon wagener has already introduced the SLS AMG. The boiler mask is limited by two light edges that continue in the hood. Recognizable is already the shape of the headlights that no longer appear L-form, but become clearly angular. Is still open whether there is also the LED daytime running lights or it hikes as in the emotional in the stobfang. Little was changed at the sideline, this does not rise as much as ever. Very new is the shape and position of the outdoor mirrors. At the rear fall on that the rear part is shaped inherent in the direction of the step. So far, the C-saule and the luggage tree formed a rather centrifugal line. Completely mandated are the jerk lights: they offer a true-on-aetable optics including LED technology.

Premiere in autumn 2010

Technically, the new CLS is based on the current E-class platform, so that you can ame that the assistance systems known from the sedan can also be used in the new CLS. When driving is expected that it remains with the known six-cylinders whose thirst "bluefficiency"-matches is made. Is still open whether with the generation change of the 250 CGI with 204 hp and "only" four cylinders replaced the previous entry-level model CLS 300 with 231 hp. Whether the 4matic all-wheel system will find the way to the price list remains open to the CLS premiere, which was allowed to climb on the paris car salon in autumn 2010.

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