Driving report dacia sandero essentiel sce 75

Central locking, air conditioning and radio must be in it. Anyway, one takes these equipment today as self-consolidities themselves in favor of small cars. In "germany’s most favorable new car", as dacia applies him, you are missing. Also also a steering wheel high adjustment and the rear headstall. In addition, the sandero essentiel looks a bit of finely repaired front damage through the unpainted plastic. Or like a craftsman car. He may also be in his role as a budget. But what can he still?

For 6990 euros, after all, he offers four things, a lot of space and a modern engine. In sandero, however, he works in one no longer very fresh environment, because it is based technically on the renault clio of the third generation, as he appeared in 2005.

On the first rounding, tolerances on the body show themselves, which loves to a used cars immediately on an inaccurate repaired accident damage. Our copy but only 3333 kilometers on the clock – it is not even retracted. The visible on the left front feces and the low-built pick-uper lay a relaxed catching of manufacturing qualitat. With the obviously favorable plastic parts in the interior fits together and goes alright for a cheap car.

Bring your own device

We are rather surprised, how temporary and comfortable ourselves this slimmed version of the sandero still receives. The absence of radio or navi could even find the young generation even hip in the sense of BYOD ("bring your own device"): all essential functions were able to accept private mobile devices. Actually enough a smartphone with a soundbar. Actually: thanks to din-schacht, the dacia can even be equipped more modern than a five years old mercedes / BMW / audi. The antenna is already pre-caused.

Even if the statistics do not show pronounced savings as the "essentiel" discussed here, it currently seems to be interested in single cars: dacia reached in germany with 32.511 in the first half of 2017, an increase of 26.2 percent and has become 1.69 percent market share. The feeling is, as so often, steerable: barely sitting in a dacia, you suddenly take true that there are really damn many of them.

Except for the now unfamiliar (and unlocking the rear ture for the fund passengers), the entry is carried out on a surveillance free. But not for every rider. Too many of them make painful acquaintance with the upper, rear turbans. After all, the coarse shape of the turment also allows seniors or hat-bearing hipsters to take place. Square for the legs is enough, even coarse maid fit comfortably under the front chairs.

Indefinite form

Unfortunately, the front seats seem mainly made of soft foam, their indefinite shape adapts to the driver and does not straighten him to the ergonomically crucial bodies. In short: you pretty much in it. You were happy to attract at least the steering wheel, but unfortunately – you suspect it – it does not offer any adjustment. After all, the view is good and the mirrors rough enough. All controls, apart from the headlamp leveling, where you suspect them. The only ergonomic defect can be easily remedy by turning on the driving light. Then the digits on bright days are visible to the scales of the instruments.

The engine starts with a rush as a commodity stretched his timing belt to taut. That can not be, because the modern three-cylinder drives its two each phase-adjustable camshafts with a chain. Unusual is highest that renault has revived the engine forgotten with the engine forget. They simplify the construction and save space in the head – but the friction between cams and cups was considered a unsteady. But renault seems to have found an answer with particularly hard stobel mugs and very narrow cams. Customs sensitive loading technology are not possible for lack of charging.

Sporty in multiple terms

On the first meters, it becomes clear: the modern engine harmonizes well with the recycled clio technology. The goes are properly graduated and short enough. This makes it fell wrongly free when the engine turns up from 1500 to 6500 / min. Although at 120 km / h already 4000 / min, but the sandero itself acts alive at any time on the highway. The characteristic is so linear how to make them out of pronounced sports engines. Speaking of sports: the switch display demands, if necessary, also for downshift. We had not added that to the sandero. Loud but never and at left disc, you have a basic sympathetic exhaust dog. Think of a three-year-old child, which slides a matchbox car around, while the tongue between the lips imitates the amused.

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