Daimler wants to use co2 as a cold device from 2017

Daimler wants to install air conditioning systems with carbon dioxide in all new cars from 2017 instead of the controversial R1234YF instead of the controversial R1234YF. The statey mercedes developing manager stefan geyer said the VDI messages.

Precedained this decision was a long dispute because daimler has found out in internal crash tests that the currently prescribed substance can be firefire and harmful to the accident. Then it had been decided in stuttgart to continue the previous means.

On thursday, the federal corporation office (KBA) had found in a final report on its own cold assets that the fire hazard of R1234YF is high as the procedure substance R134A. Daimler can still use the old cold device because the group was a german type-approval in june to obtain a german type-approval. At the latest from the end of 2016, daimler will have to replace the old cold device but.

CO2 is a certainly safe and non-toxic cold device as one of the constituents of our atmosphere, but according to daimler, appropriate air conditioning systems are not yet ready for production. Because of high prints in such advice, some ingredients have to be more stable, which should increase the price by a few -y-two euros. One may ame that daimler will fully exploit his mercy period by 2017.

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