Corona risk regions: state collects data by digital entry registration

Corona risk regions: State collects data by digital entry registration

Anyone who traveled to germany from an international corona risk territory must register digital digital from today’s sunday evening: the web application "digital entry registration" (DEA) has now started its operation. It replaces the output card in paper form, which was already distributed at air travelers.

Worldwide use

Who does not follow his obligation to report, risk a book money. Exceptions apply to professional commuters and travelers in the "small border traffic". The federal police is to control randomly, whether the rules are complied with and users do not give false information. Ultimately, one depends on the participation of the burger, domestic interior minister horst seehofer (CSU). According to health minister jens spahn (CDU) it is about being able to prevent better, "that new infection herds arise through entry to germany".

The DEA website, which is to be reached on sunday from 18:00 clock, will be used by users of digital terminates such as desktop machines, laptops, tablets or smartphones worldwide, explained the federal ministries for the internal and health. The obligation to register is currently based on the parallel travel and quartaine arrangements of the health department. In addition, the DEA is to be timely in the planned 3. Infection protection law anchored to create more legal certainty.

Data for compliance with quarteta requirement – even for criminal support

The support for self-isolation is geared to the new regulations of 14 to ten days. On the other hand, the quartaine will now end with a negative corona test at the fold day after entering entry, no longer directly within the first three days.

With the DEA, the health markers stood the destination of the travelers, according to the feather-proof ministries "the necessary information to be controlled, for example, whether the quantum requirement existing under state law regulations is complied with". Name, residential address, origin and destination as well as entry time and possibly the flight number. Information about fellow travelers are also queried. In some state-of-the-art penal purposes for investigations – as with gas listen about restaurants – access the weight.

Missing coding – data transfer first of all about deutsche post

The data was taken over the online application, "futurally made the contested health department accessible and automatically deleted 14 days after entry", insure the two resorts. But still there is not the technical possibility for a secure data retrieval for all over 370s.

For a limited transitional period, a transfer does not take place directly to the state health department, "but first of deutsche post", explained a speaker of the federal data protection officer to network policy.Org. The detour is not up, as the hardware and software is still present to build a fussed VPN connection to the bundesprinterei systems. This developed the DEA system as "technology partner" of the ministry of interior.

Post has access to the data

In a note advice, the privacy worker that the intermediate solution should expire as quickly as possible, as there was no end-to-end clasp and no two-factor authentication. In addition, the post in this scenario has access to the data of the travelers who fell into the collection area striking health office.

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