Chip deficiency: warning before folded semiconductor devices

Chip deficiency: Warning before folded semiconductor devices

The global lack of semiconductor building blocks is intended to increase the willingness of companies to install inferior electronics components in their products. At a time in which it often takes many months to come to suitable chips, won with short-term offerings a lucrative business could witness.

Among other things in the automotive industry, the chip deficiency has already taken care of production lines. The small components are nowadays for all kinds of use: from the control of a microwave to the control of the assistance systems of a car. The coronavirus pandemic pleasure exploding the need for chips, among other things through the high demand for desktop pcs and notebooks for work at home. Since chip posture manufacturers such as TSMC and samsung do not leave, manufacturers have to wait for new orders partially for one year.

The website zdnet has spoken with researchers and analysts from the semiconductor industry, according to which the willingness to buy inferior semiconductor components continues to increase, each long the delivery difficulties. Grossconnections are hardly affected, but smaller companies that are not ordering directly from chipping. There, the decision gives ways to use: use components from dubious source or to shut down production and renounce important revenue.

Little consciousness for semiconductor

Michael pecht, professor for mechanical engineering at the university of maryland, believes that there is hardly any consciousness in the economy for the importance of suitable semiconductor building blocks. Normally, components are being tested for themselves and certified for use in certain products – in the case of cars, for example, applies to each power management controller (PMIC). The process could be loosened or even completely bypassed as a result of the chipmangel.

Boners set in particular to two methods: on the one hand, build needed components, and on the other hand, they prepare electronic waste to sell them as a new. This starts with the capacitor whose inscription is redesigned and reciprocated. Often the goods reach the interchange via distributors. "What appeals too well to be true is too good to be true", steve calabria said of the independent distributors of electronics association (idea).

Although appropriate semiconductor devices could work directly, but wanble faster and thus increasingly provide for trap. In particular in the healthcare sector, militar or transport funds, the fatal. Databases such as erai pursue delivery routes of electric rubring to dismiss the business, and schools companies to recognize. Ront’s pictures about sights of the hardware behind (protection) hopic.

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