Carsharing is more expensive: drivenow and car2go enhance prices

The two car sharing providers drivenow and car2go raise prices in the early year. Both ground this step with increased costs for the maintenance of the vehicle fleet. In particular, gasoline prices, insurance and parked goods have risen sharply in recent years. This must now pass on the users, bothered it at both.

Prices are significantly increasing. At car2go attacks the increase from the 1. April. Then, registration, the emotion for an hour and parking more expensive. The most clearly rises the daily rental: instead of 39 then 59 euros fall. In return, then 50 instead of 20 kilometers inclusive, every other costs 29 cents. The changes have compiled car2go here.

Even at drivenow, it becomes pleasurably more expensive, which the company already got to traces. In the blog, many users and interested parties turned their displeasure. Drivenow has from the 15. Marz two different tariffs in the program. In the flexi tariff, a car costs at least 29 cents per minute, BMW X1 and mini cabriolet even 34 cents. In the savings tariff, the customer bays fixed time packages per month. The offer is 60, 125, 240 and 500 minutes per month. 60 minutes cost 16 euros, which gives a price of just under 27 cents per minute. Bay the customer 500 minutes, costs him the 120 euros, thus converted 24 cents per minute. Unused minutes expire, each additional will be charged with 29 cents. Regardless of the chosen tariff will be from 201. Kilometers raised an additional postponement of 29 cents per kilometer, which of course the disadvantaged, which have booked 240 or 500 minutes. You can drive long, but not more.

From the second quarter of 2013, the activee, an electric car on the basis of the BMW 1 series, as a funftes model at drivenow is to take a joke. The customer can then choose between BMW 1 series, BMW X1, mini, mini cabriolet and mini clubman.

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