British coal

British coal

Coventry (great britain), 8. October 2012 – based on jaguar XKR is created in coventry under the name lyonheart K an optical reinterpretation of the legendar jaguar E-type. He originated from the growler, a project of a certainly car-unlucked swiss. Now the engian people gradually put the lyonheart K as a convertible.

Handmade made of carbon fiber laminate

The sports car was presented in february 2012 as a coupe, its edition is limited to 250. Impact on the number of cars built but this does not have. "We want to make the label, made in england ‘to a true concept that is more than just a saying. Each part of lyonheart K is developed in england, constructed and made by hand", so robert palm, lyonheart maker and the land of swiss designsmiths classic factory. The car designed by the swiss design company classic factory is to be created in coventry / great britain from 2014 in coventry / great britain. Coupe and convertible have a carbon fiber laminate body, the optical bonds on the e-type like the top tail and the long hood with their powerdome and the oval air intake outlet are obvious.

Apparently one found a few ps, because now the 5.0-liter V8 compressor motor of cosworth is indicated with 575 hp and a maximum torque of 700 nm. He allows the spurt from zero to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds. The propulsion ends only at electronically limited 300 km / h. In the interior of the open two-seater are finding the finest materials – carbon fiber, leather, real wood, aluminum and chrome. Plastic parts that do not consist of carbon fiber laminate, you have to search in the interior already. Who does not sufficient the sound of the engine, which may be from an audio system of bowers wilkins say.

18 months waiting time

Lyonheart K prospects need patience, the waiting time is about 18 months. 70 percent of production should be sold in europe. Ten percent go to the middle east and 20 percent to china. As a price, lyonheart estimates at least 589.000 EURO. Who is that too much coal in every way, alternatively gets a modern e-type interpretation of aluminum sheet. Jaguar himself has just introduced the F type. Market start is in mid-2013, prices start at 73.400 euros.

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