Aston martin lagonda vision concept

The british sports car brand is not showing a new hyper sports car or an SUV study at the geneva motor show this time, but the outlook for an all-electric luxury sedan, with which the traditional name lagonda is to be revived from 2021 onwards.

Similar to the mercedes F 015 or audi aicon studies, in which the steering wheel no longer plays a major role and the only goal is to arrive at the destination of a journey as relaxed and luxurious as possible, the lagonda vision concept also wants to offer a visionary outlook. "We believe that people associate luxury in their cars with a certain traditional and even old-fashioned approach because that’s all they’ve had available to them," says aston martin CEO andy palmer, "lagonda exists to challenge that thinking and prove that modernity and luxury are not mutually exclusive concepts."

"Magnificent statement" without the parthenon

The aston martin lagonda vision concept was developed from the inside out, to be sure. Of the four comfortable lounge chairs, the front two swivel 180 degrees to the rear when the vehicle is in autonomous driving mode. You can decide whether to take the wheel yourself, move it to the passenger or let it disappear into the dashboard. Details of the electric all-wheel drive itself are not yet revealed by aston martin at the geneva show. In real-world operation, however, the range is said to be over 600 kilometers on one battery charge.

High-tech materials such as carbon fiber and ceramics contrast in the interior with cashmere and silk. One looks down on silk carpets and hand-woven wool upholstery. They harmonize with carbon fiber captures and functional ceramic tiles of the air vents. "Lagonda doesn’t need a rough place on the road to make a showy statement," says aston martin creative head marek reichman. Instead of internal combustion engines, electric motors are to make it possible to dispense with cantilevered front ends with the traditional chrome-grille impression architecture. Reichman speaks of a "parthenon grille", which the current aston martin models no longer have in any case. The new division of space between the engine compartment and passenger compartment is intended to create a distinctive, luxurious but unobtrusive design.

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