Anti-skid program

Anti-skid program

Brussel, 23. May 2008 – the european commission is proposing a regulation that would require all new passenger cars to be equipped with an electronic stability program (ESP) starting in 2012. ESP is a trademark of the daimler company, which developed the "anti-skid program" together with bosch and used it for the first time in the S class. ESP made its breakthrough in lower vehicle classes after the failed elk test with the A-class forced mercedes-benz to make improvements. Mercedes then equipped the tippy compact car with ESP as standard, and other manufacturers such as VW quickly followed suit in their compact class models. ESP has become a common synonym for the stability program, although for trademark reasons there are a number of other abbreviations, including DSC, VDC or VSC.

Putting an end to skidding
if the european commission has its way, ESP will be introduced in stages for passenger cars and commercial vehicles from 2012 – and from 2014 all new cars will have to be equipped with it. Even more than the ABS anti-lock braking system, which is a technical requirement, ESP is considered one of the most effective achievements for the active safety of vehicles. ESP can prevent skidding or swerving through targeted braking intervention. It essentially uses steering wheel, yaw rate and ABS sensors to detect whether the vehicle’s behavior is in line with the driver’s wishes – which the system recognizes from the position of the steering wheel. In the event of a deviation, ESP selectively brakes individual wheels and thus keeps the vehicle on track – within the bounds of physical possibilities.

In a press release of 7. In a press release of may 7, the european commission stated that ESP could prevent about 20 percent of accidents. In march, zita gurmai, a member of the european parliament, described the introduction of ESP as "a question of intelligence". In august 2007, the automotive supplier bosch, which has been so successful with ESP, reported that studies had shown that only about one sixth of all small cars in europe were equipped with ESP. Many buyers of small vehicles in particular will therefore not be able to avoid additional costs from 2012 onwards.

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