American special envoy to ukraine resigns after being named in telephone ad

American ukraine special envoy resigns after being named in phone ad

Secretary of state mike pompeo to submit documents to house of representatives that democrats hope will provide material for impeachment proceedings.

Kurt volker, the U.S. Special representative for the ukraine conflict, still appointed by rex tillerson, has resigned from this position. The background to this move is believed to be the mention of his name in an anonymous ad published thursday accusing U.S. President donald trump of putting prere on ukrainian president volodymyr selenskyj to investigate a possible corruption case that could also involve the son of democratic presidential aspirant joseph biden (cf. "Completely underwhelming" horn legends).

In this ad, the US special envoy to ukraine, who was appointed under george W. Bush, who rose to become ambassador to NATO, accused the former CIA man of consulting with members of the ukrainian leadership about how trump’s suggestion could be "control" dear. He has not yet spoken out on this accusation. This is what he is supposed to say next week in the house of representatives, which asked him to attend a hearing together with four other auben ministry employees.


By 4. By october 4, secretary of state mike pompeo is also expected to submit to the house of representatives a series of documents from which democrats (who hold a majority there) hope to obtain further information on talks between the U.S. And ukrainian leaders. The latter could then initiate impeachment proceedings for "abuse of office" that her house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi announced on tuesday.

Whether such impeachment proceedings will succeed is questionable, at least given the current state of the accusations: they would require not only a majority in the house of representatives, but also a two-thirds majority in the republican-controlled senate (cf. Impeachment demands: more common than you think). There could be one or the other republican senator who would prefer vice president mike pence (who would become president in case of a successful impeachment), who is considered very religious, to the incumbent – but pence probably had less of a chance than donald trump in an election in the fall. Especially if trump, who was formerly with the reform party, then ran on his own third platform (cf. Proto-trump).

Side effect as actual goal?

The real reason pelosi is pursuing impeachment proceedings could be the potentially useful media attention it generates for an election campaign. And the hope that in statements and documents you stumble on something that can be scandalized. This is indicated by her speculation on MSNBC’s morning joe yesterday (and so far untruncated by facts) that russian president vladimir putin could here "have a hand in", to harm their party.

However, there could also be damage to their party if the attention generated in the impeachment proceedings is also directed at joseph biden, who has so far claimed that he never spoke to his son hunter about the latter’s business in ukraine, although the professional paths of the two bidens crossed north of the black sea between 2014 and 2016. Since the beginning of the "ukraine affair" the previously clear favorite slipped to second place in any case, not only in a yougov poll, but also in that of quinnipiac university. He’s still ahead in emerson’s race – but by only two points, 23 percent to 25 percent.

The supporters of elizabeth warren, who has overtaken him, may not be entirely unjust to this side effect. This could also apply to supporters of the still numerous other candidates who want to run against donald trump next year as a candidate of the democratic party. And it could be behind the surprising change of heart by tulsi gabbard, who has been advocating impeachment since friday, even though as recently as wednesday she said most americans were unlikely to consider the progress report a "extremely compelling" reason for holding such proceedings. Officially, however, gabbard blames her new position on the allegations made in the ad released thursday.

Clapper applauds

The man who filed the ad is believed to have been a member of the new york times the man who filed the complaint has two things in common with kurt volker, who resigned: he is said to have worked for the CIA and to have dealt professionally with ukraine. The newspaper claims to have learned this from three different sources. The fact that he is an intelligence professional is also supported by the lavish public praise he received yesterday from former national intelligence coordinator james clapper for the quality of his nine-page, heavily-footnoted complaint.

Clapper is the figurehead of a group of former government security and foreign policy officials who are at least as unhappy with the incumbent president as the democratic party is. A good 300 of them buried the impeachment effort yesterday with a public declaration signed by barack obama’s deputy auben secretary william burns and george bush jr.’s justice security department chief matthew olsen, among others. Whether this open advance by representatives of the "deep state" will be well received by trump voters remains to be seen.

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