A little bit

A little bit

Stuttgart, 16. December 2013 – the C-class in your usual form since 2007 is being added. 100 kilos more lighter, still aerodynamic and equipped with new engines, it should be up to 20 percent more economical. Assistance systems and landing gear technology with many bonds at the S-class significantly beyond that in the wider segment. The C-class prints this close to the top class pretty self-confident in its new design language. Gross will also: opposite the process of just under ten centimeters long, it now measures 4.69 meters, in width it takes four centimeters to. The spatial gain benefits mainly the fund passengers, the trunk volume remains equal with 480 liters. It introduces you on the detroit motor show (18. To 26. January).

With touchpad and steering wheel election lever

As before, the star praises either on the hood or in the grill. In addition to the basic version, however, three instead of two "lines" offered, the version with star on the hood is no longer elegance, but exclusive. The star in the grill have the basic version, the avantgarde line and the amg line offered for the first time, the AMG sports package now occurs. Inside, as with the A-class there is a tablet-like display in the center of the vehicle. However, it is gross and measures seven, with the operating system comand online 8.4 inches. On the center console there is a rotary wheel for the operation of the multimedia system as well – and that is new – a touchpad. Hereby you can direct the action on the display via a finger gesture, also letters and numbers can be entered. The election lever of the automatic versions is, as now on all mercedes models, the AMG variant, to the steering wheel. For the two traditional with a display in between, a head-up display is consulted for the first time.

Lightweight construction and windsholdness

In the body, the aluminum content rose to the flower of less than 10 percent to almost 50 percent. From the light material, for example, the treatments, the bonnet and the roof. This reduces the total weight of the vehicle by about 100 kilograms, and despite the increased aubes. There is also an improved aerodynamics. With a CW value of 0.24 for the C 220 bluetec ECO, according to mercedes, the new C-class sets a new best value in the middle class – BMW for the 3 series a CW value of 0.29.

Further developed motors, new 1.6-liter diesel

For market import, three motorizations are available, all with start-stop function. In the C 220 bluetec works as in the old C 220 CDI, a 170-horsepower diesel, the two gasoline motors in C 180 and C 200 have as had 156 or 184 hp. Soon after market entry comes a new 1.6-liter diesel, which will do 115 or 136 hp depending on the design. Other variants of the further developed 2.1-liter diesel are to be expected, the V6 diesel in the C 300 CDI and C 350 CDI fall away, such as series spokesman steffen schierholz enforced. The power bandwidth in the diesel is ranging from 115 to 204 hp. All diesel are ejected with SCR catalysts for the exhaust standard euro-6.

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