Seat boss: probably still big chipproblems in the second quarter

SEAT boss: probably still big chipproblems in the second quarter

The volkswagen group can be delivered because of the continuing lull in the supply of electronics chips still greater difficulties in the current quarter. "From suppliers and also from the volkswagen group itself is told us that in the second quarter, we are facing significant challenges, probably still challenging than in the first quarter", said seat boss wayne griffith’s "financial times".

The group had already spoken that in the first quarter of around 100,000 cars could not be produced as planned for chipmangels – and that would probably no longer be borne on the course of the year. When production in the SEAT parent plant in spanish martorell, you currently live "from hand in the mouth", said the existing since october seat boss. Only after delivery of electronic components by the manufacturers, the VW subsidiary decides which models were built.

Also other VW subsidiary affected

This year flexilitat is crucial. In the works of the VW group, the production of cars is repeatedly bursting because electronic components are missing. So drozelt audi in the coming week the production in neckarsulm. Many carmakers from germany and the rest of the world currently have to fight with delayed supplies of semiconductors.

Daimler expert, in the next time, more employees planned to be planned in short-time work anyway. The swabia prioritized in the first quarter mainly more priceless and lucrative models in construction and want to keep the impact on the luxury models such as the S-class also within limits. BMW has so far been relatively relaxed to the chip plant. Bayern expect to have covered in good time with delivery agreements.

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