Grunen politician kunast wants basic judgment against facebook

Grunen politician Kunast wants basic judgment against Facebook

The grunen politician renate kunast wants to enforce with a principle of liabilities for long-term losch obligations for as unlawful content on facebook. It is supported by the organization hateaid, which is committed to hatred and hassle in the network and also provides legal aid. Most of those affected did not have the courage to keep the power and above all the money to defend themselves against coarse platforms, said the businessman of hateaid, anna-lena of hodenberg, on tuesday in berlin. "And we want to change that."

The subject of the lawsuit is a sentence that is attributed to kunast in postings in the network, which it did not say according to own information. In a variant you are laid the words in the mouth: "integration ames that you learn turkish as a german." in fact, in an ARD broadcast, she asked the SPD politician thilo sarrazin years ago to remember the turkish name of another participant in the valley crowd, which he has repeatedly explained incorrectly, explained the grunen bundestag members.

Identical and meaningful memes

With the action should be clarified that there is a lot obligation for platform operator. And the contribution not only for reported and thus claimed contributions, but also for word or meaningful posts, hateaid leads off in the press release. Excluded should only be the contributions in which the wrong quote is marked as such.

The basis for the action was the verdict that the easter-rich green politician eva glavischnig-piesczek was able to obtain in a year-long legal dispute against facebook: last november, the supreme court had obliged austria the social network in the last instance, insults against the green politician and meaningful entries worldwide to delete. One year earlier, the ECJ had assessed that facebook can be forced to loose insults not only in the affected country, but globally. Facebook ground mark zuckerberg had called that considerable.

Attempt of the correct position in vain

"You can defend you, you can write something somewhere. Then maybe a laughter, but it dives a short time later or in a similar context", kunast described trying to properly rectify the quote circulating for years. "That can me – do it certainly – as a politician damage because people think that I had actually said something like that." the dissemination of such content is often an orchestrated action of right-wing extremists who wanted to exclude excitement and hateful reactions.

The action was submitted last friday at the district court of frankfurt am main, said lawyer matthias mushz, who is to represent kunast in court. Facts are uble despite.

"Nice try" from facebook

A spokesman for facebook explained this: "we do not tolerate any inadmissible content on our platforms and therefore invested massively in technology, human expertise and partnerships." the false quote reported by mrs kunast have been removed from the german facebook platform. Kunast was informed that you take steps to identify and remove identical content.

Facebook I have that on monday evening on your letter from 12. April replied, said kunast. The course in court will make facebook with it probably not to do. Kunast commented, that was "A nice but transparent attempt to put me quiet or satisfy". But it goes to the basic problem that it is not "living task"’affected his thirst to find false quotes themselves. Hateaid managed to do so: "we do not want facebook isolated decisions with promissibility." (with material of the DPA/

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