Data protection officer wants plaque instead of scanning

Data protection officer wants plaque instead of scanning

The federal data protection officer ulrich kelber has hibernated concerns about the plan for the automatic control of diesel driving bans through license plate. "As a matter of principle, I consider the relevance of the planned maaking for very doubtful," said kelber the handelsblatt (17. January 2019). "Less stressful maws such as a blue badge appear privately deliberately from a data protection point of view."

The main supplies of the city and municipal office, gerd landsberg, on the other hand supported the current proposal, sampled automatically to capture license plates. This konne "be a suitable procedure to implement the controls quickly, efficiently and uncreatically," he said to the handelsblatt. On the other hand, a blue plaque rejects, as it causes only "overflow burial".

After massive criticism of the planning for automatic control, the federal government had already improved during privacy. In a cabinet resolution, it was examined that these are random checks and the data should be laid at least two weeks after their survey. The federal council previously uploved "significant data protection concerns" against the planned automated license plate-involved.

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